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Power Rankings: Week of December 12

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San Antonio (20-3) has the early season hot hand in the West. Dallas (19-4) is right on their trail. Its' been the Amare Stoudemire show on Broadway leading the Knicks (16-9) to 8 consecutive victories. Carmelo Anthony is pressing to become a Knick by disclosing intentions not to sign a lucrative $65M extension unless he's traded to New York. NBA has been action filled in 2010. Here's how they rank thru Sunday's games.

TOP 10
1 - San Antonio
2 - Boston
3 - Dallas
4 - Lakers
5 - Miami
6 - Oklahoma City
7 - Orlando
8 - Utah
9 - Atlanta
10- New York

NHL's worst team? Is there any doubt? No. New York Islanders (5-17-5) own this unfortunate distinction. New York lost out in a bid for a new arena. Front office is and has been one of the league's worst for years. As bad as things are for Islanders fans, Devils fans are perplexed to find their team only 3 points ahead of NY.

On the bright side. Pittsburgh (21-8-2) is the only 20 game winner so far after beginning the season 6-7-1. Sidney Crosby (Pit) leads all NHL point scorers (51) and goals (26).

TOP 10
1 - Pittsburgh
2 - Detroit
3 - Philadelphia
4 - Washington
5 - Montreal
6 - Boston
7 - Vancouver
8 - Dallas
9 - Phoenix
10- Los Angeles

It's official. Brett Favre's NFL record 297 consecutive game streak is over! It's been a miserable season in Minnesota. Coach fired, team struggling, players hurt and Vikings losing more than they win. Favre's final NFL is not quite what Minnesota fans wished for after their team came within a couple of plays of advancing to last year's Super Bowl.

Winter weather crippled the northwest over the weekend. Giants plane was diverted away from Minnesota due to a blinding blizzard. Making matters worse, the Metrodome roof caved in from immense weight of snow (video) The game was canceled and rescheduled for play tonight at 7:20 pm in Detroit.

The playoff picture is cloudy. Many teams are in the hunt with only three games to go. Huge divisional battles looming in upcoming games.

TOP 10
1 - New England
2 - Pittsburgh
3 - Atlanta
4 - New Orleans
5 - Philadelphia
6 - New York Giants
7 - Chicago
8 - New York Jets
9 - Baltimore
10- Green Bay


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