Wednesday, December 15, 2010

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Major League free agent news stole headlines this week. Philadelphia Phillies snatched up coveted starting pitcher Cliff Lee leaving fans in New York and Texas stunned. Yankees fans shouldn't be surprised. I don't think the Yanks ever had a shot at landing Lee. Instead, he probably used the millions offered by New York as leverage for a better deal elsewhere. Texas fans are feeling stiffed. Perhaps they were a bit naive by believing Lee was coming back if he declined Yankee millions. Hats off to the Phillies for sneaking in at the last minute. Roy Halladay, Roy Oswalt, Cliff Lee and Cole Hamels. All or relatively young. Phils have them all locked up for another 3 seasons. Phils clearly the NL's top team. At least on paper.

Dolphins vs Jets game produced queasy results for New York's Coach Ryan. QB Sanchez has been horrific of late after very positive results. He looks hesitant, lost and shaken after the Patriots destroyed team confidence during a 45-3 thrashing on MNF two weeks ago. Jets offense has been grounded. No touchdowns since November 25th. Next up Pittsburgh. Good luck. Jets have been under fire ever since their strength and conditioning coach, Sal Alosi, intentionally tripped Miami Dolphins special teams gunner Nolan Carroll. Replays clearly show Alosi sticking his knee in the path of Carroll who subsequently became injured. It's now been discovered, Alosi had instructed Jets players to stand toe to toe forming a human wall. There's nothing wrong with a wall unless someone intentionally interferes with game play. Alosi has been suspended and fined by the Jets. NFL officials may or may not take action. Considering the deliberate nature of this episode the NFL will be compelled to take action.

Brett Favre's final season has been anything but enjoyable for the future Hall of Fame quarterback. Team struggling, coach fired, turmoil and on Monday night.... Favre's NFL record 297 consecutive game starts ended due to injury. Favre's played injured most of 2010. However, a big time sack two weeks ago left his shoulder weakened and numb. It's doubtful Favre will play again this year unless it's simply to take a curtain call before hanging up his spikes forever. Favre joins a long list of retiring players who couldn't pull off one more magical season.

Minnesota's Metrodome will not be ready for play after caving from snow. Vikings will host next Monday's game in University of Minnesota's out door facility. Football outside in Minnesota. They way the game was meant to be played. Is anyone out there old enough to remember when the Vikings played all of their games in natural conditions during the Bud Grant era? Purple People Eaters? Tarkington to Rashad? Chuck Foreman? Those were the Vikings glory days.


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