Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Philadelphia Phillies: Dynasty in the Making?

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Roy Halladay. Roy Oswalt. Cole Hamels. Introducing returning fan favorite... Cliff Lee. Philadelphia Phillies fans get ready to watch great baseball for years to come. Barring any major physical setbacks, the 2011 Phillies starting rotation rivals some of the greatest ever.

Living up to hype is always difficult. Philadelphia management should be commended on pulling off this stunner of a move. All eyes were sharply focused on New York Yankees vs Texas Rangers as front line contenders to sign baseball's most coveted 2011 free agent. I'm not surprised at all by his decision to spurn New York after the vicious treatment bestowed upon his wife at Yankee Stadium during the ALCS. Texans staying up late Monday night were hit hardest. Rangers fans heard the news of Lee turning down the Yankees multi-year multi-million dollar offer and started celebrating prematurely. They were certain Lee was about to return for another season in Arlington. Moments later the news of Lee to Philadelphia hit the airwaves. Rangers fans are in a state of disbelief. Phillies fans will be celebrating for a long time to come.

Will the 2011 Philadelphia Phillies dominate baseball behind their star studded rotation? Next moves better be to settle a very erratic bullpen. Once accomplished, the Phillies will have a legitimate shot of four 20-game winners. 110+ wins seems well within reach. 115? 120? Don't forget about their potent lineup and solid all around defense.

Dynasties are created over years. Phillies have been NL East champs four years running. Two time NL champs. One World Series. They've just locked up the East for another 3 years in my book. Plenty of minor league talent on the rise. Trade-able players on the major league roster. These guys are clearly in the drivers seat able to maneuver through most hiccups teams normally encounter during a season.

It's Philadelphia's time. How will they be remembered in baseball history? As a dynasty of the early 2000's? Or, as what could have been if...?


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