Saturday, December 4, 2010

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Let's begin in the world of baseball. Curious question for general managers. Why isn't Adam Dunn one of the most sought after sluggers in the game? Here's a guy who averages 40 HR, .400 OBA year after year. His name is tossed around in trade rumor after trade rumor come deadline time and he's never gets dealt. All was relatively quiet during his free agent years too. Not many teams seemed openly interested in signing one of the games most consistent sluggers. Until now. The Chicago White Sox stepped up to the plate and signed a much needed offensive weapon. Perhaps his presence can wake up an underachieving batting order? Great move by the White Sox. If they re-sign Konerko then Chicago has a serious 1-2 power tandem heading into 2011.

Speaking of signings... there's a rumor Boston Red Sox made a serious run at signing Mariano Rivera. Yep, that's right. Boston made a move on Rivera. It wasn't to be as Rivera is about to re-sign in New York. Derek Jeter vs Yankees back and forth public negotiations, or should I say insults, have simmered. Latest rumors suggesting Jeter and Yanks found common ground somewhere in the 4 year $20M per season. Official numbers/years haven't been publicly released. Now, let's see how aggressive New York becomes chasing after Cliff Lee.

Here's an eye opening tidbit of trade rumors. Padres to send Adrian Gonzalez to Boston? Boston has been dangling top minor league prospects. Gonzalez shifting to a hitters park division with lineup protection for the first time ever will certainly a strong incentive for wanting a trade. Especially for a player just about ready to begin prime time playing years. Boston is coveting Jason Worth and Carl Crawford too. How quickly things can change. Now it's understandable how easy it was for Boston to part with Victor Martinez (signed by Detroit earlier this week). If Beltre doesn't come back then Boston has plenty of wheeling dealing cash to make serious bids at free agents and talented minor leaguers dangled as trade bait. Boston smells an opportunity. Tampa is cost cutting. Yanks pitching staff in shambles and ownership straddled with big deals on aging players. It's a ripe time for Sox brass to load up and run away with the East in '11.

Sad news this week. Legendary Chicago Cubs 3B Ron Santo (70) died this week. Without question, not only was Santo one of the biggest Cubs names in history, he was also their biggest fan. No person seems to have an intelligent answer as to why Ron Santo was never voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. It's one of the most baffling non-selections in baseball history. What's even more shocking is the Veterans Committee never enshrined him either! What gives. Santo was a defensive gem, one of the highest 3B at getting on base, solid contributor year in and year out. Santo did it all while battling diabetes too. One of Santo's greatest dreams in life, same with millions of other fans from Chicago, was to watch the Cubs win the World Series. R.I.P. Mr Santo. One of baseball's good guys.

Shifting gears to NFL stuff. How about those Eagles and Michael Vick? Vick is well deserving of serious MVP consideration. Without any doubt Vick is the clear Comeback Player of the Year. How does one defense his skills? Lightning quick reflexes and instant ability to shift into high speed. Rocket arm. Every one can clearly see Philadelphia is a Super Bowl contender with Vick as starting QB.

Speaking of contenders. NFC has a few names and Vick's former team is one of them. Atlanta has been a solid team all season. Efficient and effective running, passing and defensive schemes earned the Falcons NFC's top record (9-2). They don't dominate any one area on the field but their team balance makes them a legitimate force.

Monday Night Football hosts the game of the year when two hated rivals strap it on in Foxboro. Jets (9-2) vs Patriots (9-2). Winner takes hold of the AFC East. New York won the first match-up back in game 2, 28-14. Jets defense lost signal calling SS Jim Leonhard for the year during Thursday's practice. Tom Brady might be licking his chops now anticipating an opportunity to carve up a stunned defensive unit. Coach Bilichek has been at his best in 2010. Monday night's game is sure to be a hard hitting, in your face, fight for every inch kind of contest. Let's hope the game lives up to its' hype!

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