Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Football Power Rankings Shake Up

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It was billed as the NFL game of the year. A pair of 9-2 teams battling live on Monday Night Football. National audience. Two great teams. New York Jets coach Ryan has promised a Super Bowl. Promised a big night where his better Jets team would beat a better Patriots coach and QB. Yeah right. New England gave the Jets a firm Pat down. Bill Belichick, Tom Brady & Co. completely destroyed New York 45-3 and the game wasn't nearly as close as the score indicates. It looked more like a 100-0 shellacking.
So, here's the question. If the Jets aren't the best NFL team then who is? Atlanta (10-2)? New Orleans (9-3)? Patriots (10-2)? Pittsburgh (9-3)? Let's take a look as rankings take on a new look....

1 - New England Patriots
2 - Atlanta Falcons
3 - Pittsburgh Steelers
4 - New Orleans Saints
5 - Chicago Bears
6 - New York Jets
7 - Philadelphia Eagles
8 - New York Giants
9 - Green Bay Packers
10- Baltimore Ravens

Get ready for the BCS National Championship Game for all the marbles. Next month (January 10) Auburn and Oregon meet to determine the 2010 NCAA Football champion. Personally, I can't stand a one month layoff before a title game. It's simply ridiculous & without merit. Championship games used to be scheduled around New Year's Day. Then, thanks largely to Bowl and television revenues, the big game was moved back. My suggestion is either end the season later or move Bowl games to within two weeks of regular season completion.

My final regular season 2010 college rankings:

1 - Auburn
2 - Oregon
3 - TCU
4 - Wisconsin
5 - Stanford
6 - Ohio State
7 - Michigan State
8 - Boise State
9 - Oklahoma
10- Nevada
11- Arkansas
12- LSU
13- Virginia Tech
14- Missouri
15- Oklahoma State
16- Utak
17- Alabama
18- Texas A&M
19- Nebraska
20- West Virginia


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