Wednesday, December 1, 2010

NFL Predictions: Week 13

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What a wild and wacky ride its' been for NFL players and fans. NFC West teams all have losing records. Rams (5-6) & Seahawks (5-6) are tied in the leagues weakest division. Stumbling 49ers are only 1 game back. On the opposite end of the spectrum, New York Jets & New England Patriots remain tied for AFC East lead (9-2). They'll go toe to toe, hit for hit, this Monday night in Foxboro. Cincinnati was expected to challenge after a solid 2009. Instead, they're 2-9 tied for AFC's worst record.

Big hits, illegal hits, dropped punt attempts, bad field goal snaps, wild kicks, dropped passes, incredible runs, coaches fired, league fines, fights, suspensions, twitter's, text inquiries, spygates, hold outs, injuries, hot sideline reporters, last second victories. Have I missed anything? Get set. The final 5 weeks will be quite entertaining.

Time for Week 13 predictions. I've rebounded of late after a not so hot 1st half of picking. 11-5 last week increases season total W-L to 92-77. All teams facing must win weekend even if just to save face. Picking time (home team in CAPS).


EAGLES 33 Texans 30

GIANTS 27 Redskins 21
CHIEFS 23 Broncos 21
Jaguars 26  TITANS 20
PACKERS 45 49ers 7
DOLPHINS 17 Browns 16
Bills 27 VIKINGS 24
Bears 23 LIONS 20
Saints 30 BENGALS 20
CHARGERS 44 Raiders 10
SEAHAWKS 20 Panthers 13
Falcons 24 BUCS 14
Rams 28 CARDS 13
COLTS 33 Cowboys 24
Steelers 24 RAVENS 23

PATRIOTS 20 Jets 16


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