Tuesday, October 19, 2010

NLCS & NFL Blacked Out

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-Digger's Daily-

It's a black out. No National League Championship Series. No Sunday NFL games. No regular programming of any Fox show (except news). Millions of sports fans on the East coast are furious at both Fox News Corp and Cablevision. Hardest hit are residents in New York and Philadelphia. We're being denied viewership due to a contractual dispute between two television/cable super powers. Who wins? Nobody. Who loses? Millions of paying subscribers.

I'm not really interested in the delicate intricacies of negotiations between the companies. It isn't the first time Fox pulled channels during negotiation efforts having done this before vs DISH Network. It's not the first time Cablevision has showed blank stations during contract renewals. Fees keep climbing. Service keeps deteriorating. Timing couldn't be much worse for sports fans. East coasters attempting to view games via internet were blocked too.

Once again, it's the public getting shafted. Does it matter who's right or wrong? Once the dust settles and tempers simmer both sides will hammer out a deal. They'll both win big. Losers, once again, will be subscribers soon to be hammered with increased monthly fees. Wasn't it a good idea the bozos in Washington forced digital service on America? Is anyone else missing the old rabbit ears antenna's?


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