Monday, October 25, 2010

Fox vs Cablevision: World Series Blackout?

"All World All Sports"

-Digger's Daily-

Fox vs Cablevision feud continues. Subscribers are getting the short end of the stick. Regular Fox programming (and select affiliates) are no longer being broadcast to Cablevision viewers. As of October 16, no NLCS, no NFL and no popular tv shows. Both sides finger pointing at each other does nothing to ease rising dissatisfaction among thousands who've been raped by cable tv companies for years. The ultimate insult will begin on Wednesday, October 27. Opening night of the World Series.

Does either company have the nerve to deprive the public of watching the World Series?

What's the fight about? Money. If anyone cares... Fox wants Cablevision to pay its' fair share to retransmit programming. Cablevision claims Fox wants more from them than collected from other providers. Cablevision has looped a message stating willingness to have the dispute settled by binding arbitration. Allegedly, Fox is not willing. No winners in this mess. Plenty of losers including untold monthly increases coming down the pike for subscribers.

Will the Grinch's steal the World Series? A Halloween trick or treat? Where does Major League Baseball stand on this issue? It was very upsetting MLBNetwork didn't televise the NLCS once disruption began. There's no way even a single second of the 2010 World Series be blacked out. MLB has juice, money and holds the rights for transmitting baseball games. All possible leverage should be levied by MLB to force both companies into televising the Series. Future television contracts should have special clauses for these types of situations. Perhaps, they already do? Whatever the outcome, Fox Sports should be barred from contract considerations during the foreseeable future.


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