Tuesday, October 19, 2010

NCAA & NFL Power Rankings Shake Up

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Nasty hits were the talk of the town after last weekend's games. NFL had it's share of heavy hits. A handful of players were on the receiving end of body jarring tackles creating moderate to severe concussions. NFL officials will be handing down fines and suspensions resulting from illegal tackles (head first and against defenseless receivers). Concussion issues have been prevalent all season. It looks as though the league ready to start getting serious with how they will treat offenders.

Rutgers Scarlett Knights' Eric LeGrand was severely injured making a special teams tackle. LeGrand is paralyzed from the neck down and has a very difficult road to recovery. Good thoughts, prayers and well wishes from fans across our great country will be needed to help this young man remain strong with life's new challenge.

Once again, we had another week of surprises in both college and pro's. Teams have been shifting up and down power rankings all year long. There's plenty of season left to go.

All World All Sports Top 10:

1- Oregon
2- Oklahoma
3- Boise State
4- Auburn
5- LSU
6- TCU
7- Michigan State
8- Utah
9- Missouri
(Official BCS Ranking)

1- Steelers
2- Jets
3- Patriots
4- Giants
5- Eagles
6- Ravens
7- Saints
8- Falcons
9- Titans


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