Friday, October 22, 2010

NBA 2010-11 Predictions

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Los Angeles Lakers enter the new season as defending NBA Champions. There's a long list of talented teams ready to take dead aim at winning the title. Many players changed teams via free agency and rumors are swirling of another blockbuster deal in the works.

2010-11 might go down as one of the NBA's most competitive ever. All divisions may not be decided until the final game. The league has never been filled with so much talent at the same time. Highlights films will dazzle.

The NBA's future is now. Looming in the not too distant future is a potential lock-out or strike next year. NBA owners and players association have been meeting trying to figure out a new collective bargaining agreement. Both sides are very far apart on serious issues.

So, who's going to win it all? MVP? Rookie? Defensive standout? Scoring champ?

All World All Sports NBA 2010-11 Regular Season Forecast:

1- Boston*
2- New York
3- Toronto
4- Philadelphia
5- New Jersey

1- Chicago*
2- Milwaukee*
3- Indiana*
4- Cleveland
5- Detroit

1- Orlando*
2- Miami*
3- Atlanta*
4- Charlotte*
5- Washington

1- Oklahoma City*
2- Utah*
3- Portland*
4- Denver*
5- Minnesota

1- Lakers*
2- Phoenix*
3- Clippers
4- Golden State
5- Sacramento

1- Dallas*
2- San Antonio*
3- Houston
4- Memphis
5- New Orleans

MVP: Dwight Howard (Orlando)
COACH: Scott Brooks (OKC)
FINALS: Lakers over Orlando

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