Monday, October 11, 2010

Can You Believe It? (NFL)

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NFL 2010 has been a wacky one. Many a fan has been scratching their head. In Las Vegas, hundreds angrily tear up losing betting slips. It's been a season of "I can't believe they won... or... I can't believe they lost" moments. 90% of the league can be considered within striking distance of becoming division winners or wild card reps.

This season has a great new feel. A select few labeled as losers are putting up early wins. Big favorites stunned by upset losses. Games decided by crazy plays in closing minutes. New York Giants domination of Chicago's front line for 9 first half sacks. 2010 has produced a few shockers...

Here's a few of my "Can You Believe ...?"

Can you believe..... New Orleans (3-2) trails Tampa Bay (3-1) in NFC South after Week 5 ?

... All AFC South teams are tied at 3-2? (Houston, Jacksonville, Indianapolis, Tennessee).

... San Francisco is 0-5?

... Kansas City and Tampa Bay are 3-1?

... Randy Moss traded to Minnesota?

... Buffalo QB Ryan Fitzpatrick (99.9 - 7th) has a higher passer rating than Drew Brees, Tony Romo & Aaron Rodgers?

... 12 kicks returned for touchdowns? (on pace for 38).

... Miami Dolphins special teams implosion vs New England on Monday Night Football?

... Upsets. Houston beat Indy, KC beat SD, STL beat Washington, Seattle stunned SD, Cleveland beat Cincy, Jacksonville beat Indy, Tampa Bay beat Cincy, Washington beat GB... wow!

... 1st, wondering how Chan Gailey was ever offered a head coaching job in Buffalo? 2nd, that he still has a job coaching the lowly 0-5 Bills. It's almost like Buffalo is tanking teams so they can escape to Toronto?


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