Friday, October 29, 2010

In Case You Missed It...

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In case you missed sports news this week...

It didn't take the Yankees long to negotiate a deal to keep Joe Girardi as manager. Reports surfacing suggest Joe is set to receive $9 million for 3 years plus incentives. Don't expect to see any grass growing under GM Cashman's feat this off-season. Winter of 2009 was a virtual bust. New York will be busy and it begins with their skipper. Next up? Jeter? Rivera?

Speaking of busy, rumors swirling about the Yankees going hard after Cliff Lee. However, and this is a BIG however, apparently Lee's wife was heckled terribly at Yankee Stadium during the ALCS. 1970's fans must have shown up. Nasty, below the waste, New York at its' worst, greeted Lee's wife including objects thrown and obscenities hurled. Cliff Lee and CC Sabathia are close friends from their Cleveland days. CC the recruiter to the rescue? Lee will have many suitors. He'll end up playing for whoever he wants in 2011. Maybe he'll choose Boston just to get back at New York fans.

The New York Times ran a story claiming Major League Baseball strongly recommended San Francisco drop Jose Guillen from their playoff roster. The Giants claimed Guillen was nursing a neck injury. Either way, he's not on San Francisco's playoff roster. Guillen has been linked to a Federal investigation of performance enhancing drugs. Shipments of HGH (human growth hormone) were said to be shipped to Guillen's wife. Come on Jose. With spotlights everywhere looking to nail HGH users/suppliers....? This move reeks of stupidity. Fed probe breaking silence probably means a bust is imminent.

New York Knicks and New Jersey Nets are undefeated! Opening game wins for both is a nice way for two of the NBA's biggest losers of a year ago. The 70 loss Nets took down Detroit 101-98 while New York's new cast of characters snuffed out Toronto 98-93. Miami's big 3 were dealt a quick defeat by Boston on opening night 88-80. Dwayne Wade, LeBron James & Chris Bosh flamed out as Boston controlled most of the game.

World Series 2010? Any northeastern readers missing the World Series on tv? I'm one of Cablevision's hundreds of thousands blacked out from watching the Giants destroy Texas. Fox went dark on Cablevision October 16th. Effectively, this shut down NFL, NLDS & NLCS games. Throw in all their other shows and customers are miffed. We all know rates are soon to skyrocket no matter how these two corporate giants conclude their standoff. Customers to get screwed. So, why not turn on the game before the President turns you guys into political fodder? MLBN will replay games one day later. Cablevision subscribers can also watch on the internet via for a refundable $9.99. (Side ramble) Remember the days of television antenna's? UHF? VHF? Funny how rates are screaming higher for citizens now that digital is the only way to view television. Rural communities forced to get satellite dishes or converters or new televisions altogether to comply. Taxes may or may not soon rise in our country. Government intervention is destroying savings accounts for the majority of Americans. No matter what... the cost of living is rising no matter how you slice it. Food, clothing, gas, television, cell phone providers, heat, oil, gas... and yes, tickets to your favorite sporting events!

So, what have we missed in World Series action? It's been all Giants. National League Champion San Francisco Giants 11-7 and 9-0 thrashings of American League Champion Texas Rangers. No one expected this king of offense from the Giants. Not against Cliff Lee and C.J. Wilson. Hmmm. Wasn't that said of the 1954 New York Giants vs Cleveland Indians? 2010 teams are a far cry from the 1954 games but the story line back then was all about the Cleveland starting rotation. In 2010, it's been about Rangers' Cliff Lee and Josh Hamilton. Tim Lincecum, 2008 & 2009 NL Cy Young Award winner, was almost an afterthought in the backdrop of Lee's post-season success story leading into Game 1. The Giants wasted no time getting to Lee and shelling Texas' staff for 11 runs. Game 2 featured Wilson vs Cain. Cain hadn't allowed an earned run in two prior playoff starts. He shut down the Rangers for 7.2 innings. Giants bats erupted for 7 in bottom of the 8th thanks in large part to wild Rangers relievers. It's hard to imagine Texas coming back with Sanchez tossing next game. Rangers bullpen has been an absolute misery so far. After Game 2's performance confidence is thin and butterflies became birds.

The Heismann Trophy watch has picked up steam. A clear number one candidate has emerged. Auburn (8-0) QB Cameron Newton is shredding defenses. 1364 yards passing, 13 TD, QB rating 172.08. Not impressed? Throw in 1077 rushing yards (6.9 ave) and 14 more touchdowns. If you haven't caught his game then tune into ESPN2 on Saturday to watch vs Mississippi. Kellen Moore (Boise St, 6-0) has 16 TD passes (only 1 int) on 1,567 yards. There are a few other names in the mix but these two are the front runners with Newton holding a big edge right now.

Undefeated teams are getting picked off one by one. Of the top 8 ranked teams, 7 are yet to lose. Oregon (8-0), Boise St (6-0), Auburn (8-0), TCU (8-0), Michigan St (8-0), Missouri (7-0), Utah (7-0). Guess what? 4 of 7 have very tough match-ups this weekend. Will we see a major shakeup in BCS rankings again next Monday? The way football season has unfolded in both college and pro's... get ready for a new top 5.

Brett Favre has started 291 consecutive NFL games. Is this where the streak ends? 292 will be difficult. Minnesota Vikings (2-4) offense has struggled. Favre & Co. have committed many mental errors and turnovers. Brett has two breaks on his left ankle (plant foot for throwing) described as a stress fracture in the ankle as well as an avulsion fracture in the heel bone, where a fragment has been torn away by a tendon or ligament. Doctor's have given a green light for Favre to return when he wants. Minnesota needs a change of direction even if just for one game. Plus, all streaks come to an end. Irony? The streak began playing for Green Bay and might end due to a tackle by a Green Bay player. At this juncture Favre needs to think of team first. So does their head coach. Rest Favre. Allow his ankle to heal. Start capable Tarvaris Jackson and see what happens. 4 losses in 6 games with only sporadic results on offense begs for a shake up. Two broken bones in a 41 year old's ankle begs for rest from aggressive NFL defenses. If necessary, Favre can relieve for a little two minute magic. No brainer. He's got to sit.


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