Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Total Hoops Basketball Brings All Timers to Life

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Total Hoops Basketball by Imagine Sports is a little known fantasy basketball site. IS is well known for their all time classic baseball site "Rob Neyer Baseball" home of Diamond Mind Online. Total Hoops is a basketball simulation game giving fantasy sports players the chance to draft, sign, trade and coach their all time favorite ABA & NBA players ($19.99 single team or 6-pack for $89.99). Unfortunately, the basketball side of things doesn't generate the same type of enthusiasm despite better pricing.

From a fantasy sports junkie side of things it's a solid simulation game. It begins with 3 types of drafts. Private league live or draft list. And the most popular public leagues offer draft list format. Total Hoops catalog contains thousands of players with assigned salaries ranging from $500,000 scrubs to Wilt Chamberlain's $25,615,000 asking price. Coaches have $50M to spend creating a roster of 12 players plus 3 inactive-injury reserves (subs). Coaches must also pick a home stadium. Most all time and new arena's are listed. Teams completing drafts are then placed into a 16 team competitive league and bonus cash is then awarded to all teams to either spend early with penalty, or, let it ride and earn interest for signing a late season free agent gem.

Game play offers multiple game settings from hurry up offenses to stop them at all costs defenses. Fine tuning settings will drive coaches nuts but there's ample help to be found on relatively chatty message boards.

One of my favorite teams was a dominant defensive team until getting steamrolled in the Finals. The "Northern Bazooka's" starting five were: PG- Foots Walker $2,744,000, SG- Adrian Smith $2.511,000, SF- Scottie Pippen $14,003,000, PF- John Salley $3,070,000, C- David Robinson $21,050,000. Standout reserves were Charlie Ward, Manute Bol & Kurt Rambis. This group played dominating defense finishing with a +858 point differential and league low 7187 points allowed (80.4 ppg). They finished 58-24 and probably should have won north of 60. A few games were lost from out coaching myself by over tinkering with settings.

There's a hard core regular group of coaches who always seem to find winning combination's season after season. Needless to say, these leagues are filled with experienced coaches assembling tough teams. Results can be fun to watch with play by play simulation, full complete score sheets and box scores. Complete team by team cumulative and individual player stats plus all league and all defensive selections.

If you're into fantasy sports simulation games and haven't found a favorite basketball site... then check out Total Hoops Basketball.

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