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NFL 2010 Fantasy Rankings: Wide Receivers

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Here's two interesting facts NFL fantasy coaches need to remember. In 2009, 17 QB's threw for over 3,500 yards. 18 QB's tossed 20 or more TD's. Want a third fact? 23 wide receivers topped 1,000 yards.
There's been a growing trend taking hold in the NFL. The passing game is back. Often in years past WR's were looked over during early draft rounds (except for the super stars). 2010 WR list supplies limitless star studded combination's. For purposes of the best of the best, I've prepared my top 10 projections. Plenty of point makers can be had by shrewd drafters. Prepare accordingly.

2010 NFL WR Rankings

1 - Reggie Wayne (IND). Peyton Manning's primary target. Enough said. 1400+, 14+ TD.
2 - Andre Johnson (HOU). Drives double teaming defenses nuts. Back to back 100+, 1500+ yard seasons. No reason to believe he's slowing down. 1500+ yards, 12+ TD.
3 - Larry Fitzgerald (ARI). Warner and Boldin are gone. Fitz is Cards primary weapon. 1500+, 10+.
4 - Miles Austin (DAL). Romo's deep threat will get plenty of opportunities to be a game breaker. 1300+, 12+. Could test 1600 yards if defenders can't keep up.
5 - Brandon Marshall (MIA). Punishing ground attack will open up passing lanes for Miami's first true #1 WR in years. QB Henne has much to prove. Marshall is the instant go to guy in Miami. 1300+, 10+.
6 - Randy Moss (NE). Back to back subpar Moss seasons. Is he ready to step up? Or, still a head case? Brady to Moss all season long. 1200+, 14+.
7 - Roddy White (ATL). Mixed results in '09. Better in '10. 1200+, 10+.
8 - Steve Smith (NYG). Eli Manning's go to guy in '09 is back. 1400+, 6+.
9 - Anquan Boldin (BAL). Has plenty of gas left in his tank. Primary Ravens WR. 1200+, 7+.
10- DeSean Jackson (PHI). A new era has begun in Philadelphia. McNabb is gone. Kolb is in. 1200+, 7+.

Keep an eye on..

- Greg Jennings/Donald Driver (GB). 1000 yard tandem. Hot hand will get bulk of red zone looks.
- Marques Colston (NO). Brees spread the ball around last year. Colston was Saints only 1000 yard WR on a team totaling nearly 4500.
- Bernard Berrian/Javon Walker/Percy Harvin (MIN). Who's going to be Favre's primary target? Rice is out. Harvin isn't 100%. Berrian only caught 60% of 92 targeted passes in '09. If Walker is good to go it might be like old times for the former Packers.
- Chad Ochocinco/Terrell Owens (CIN). Which explosion happens first? Both tear it up on the gridiron? Both run off their mouths too much? So far, they seem all business. These two can each top 1000 yards and create red zone havoc.
- Malcom Floyd/Legedu Naanee (SD). Long shots for fantasy owners. Sleepers if drafted correctly. Rivers will be throwing often.
- Santana Moss/Joey Galloway (WAS). Remember these guys? You will in '10 with McNabb throwing. By NFL standards, these three are the cardiac trio.

Stay tuned. Tight End's up next...


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