Thursday, August 12, 2010

Misplaced Journalism Rips Tiger Woods

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How much is enough? It's obvious the media, from sportswriter's to main streamers, will be dogging Tiger Woods for a long time. The one time golf superstar-legend-greatest ever ball striker has a few stone throwers.

Is it because of past actions with strippers and whore's? Because he potentially placed his family in peril? Is the press ticked off because they weren't invited to his VIP parties? Or, simply because Tiger hasn't won a tournament?

Stardom is not easy. One day your sitting on top of the world. Then, at the flip of a switch, it might feel like the world is sitting on you. Journalistic malpractice at its' finest. One can easily become frustrated watching the press climb all over celebrities while letting a sitting President lie, cheat, swindle, double talk and bamboozle a nation leaving a slimy trail for all "investigative" types to follow. Investigative journalism is non-existent. Unless, you want to know where Brad & Angelina are vacationing or what Snookie is up to.

Tiger's paid heavily for his actions emotionally and financially. All sorts of polls came out after Tiger's worst round as a pro at the Bridgestone Invitational. Maybe all Woods needs to do to get everyone off his back is to have one exceptional day. So many questions of "Is he done?" "Will Tiger retire winning the most ever majors?" "Can Tiger ever win again?" "Should Tiger be left out of Ryder Cup action?" I guess it's anything to sell a newspaper and it shows which is probably why print publications are way down. They'll never learn. People want news, not soap operas.

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