Wednesday, August 25, 2010

NFL 2010 Fantasy Rankings: Quarterbacks

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Get ready for another spectacular NFL season. Thousands of fantasy football coaches have been busy studying draft lists preparing for a new season of play. For the next few days, I'll be posting rankings for key fantasy football point contributing positions. There are various fantasy football games and scoring variations. Do your homework to select the best game for your liking.

Time for segment #1... Quarterback rankings. Which NFL star QB will produce the most points in 2010? Can Brett Favre grind out another super season? Is Tom Brady ready to return to top status? Will Vince Young keep winning? How about Donovan McNabb chances for success in Washington?

2010 Quarterback Rankings

1 - Drew Brees (NO). Pass first offense with plenty of weapons. 4500 yards, 30+ TD's might be a modest projection.
2 - Peyton Manning (IND). Another pass first offense. Manning is a skillful signal caller and exceptional defense reader. Look for a repeat or improvement from '09 stats. 4500+, 30+
3 - Aaron Rodgers (GB). Pack's QB loves to air it out. 4200+, 28+
4 - Tony Romo (DAL). Passing stats work out better for fantasy players than Cowboys wins. Plenty of weapons. Watch out for too many int's. Running attack my subtract passing td's. 4000+, 25+
5 - Phillip Rivers (SD). Chargers could be a scoring machine in '10. Rivers will benefit. 4000+, 25+
6 - Brett Favre (MIN). It would be hard to replicate '09 numbers. Favre will still be slinging. 3800+, 30+
7 - Tom Brady (NE). Still no running attack to keep defenders honest. Brady will be throwing often. 4200+, 25+
8 - Matt Schaub (HOU). Will the real Schaub please stand up. Could be one of the top producers. Could be one of the biggest flops. 4000+, 25+
9 - Eli Manning (NYG). If running game and defense takes hold then Manning's numbers might be off. Yet, a solid pick nonetheless. 3800+, 25+
10- Donovan McNabb (WAS). Playing with a vengeance in '10 for his new team. How did Philly trade him to a hated division rival? 3500+, 25+ plus a few td's on the ground.
11- Matt Ryan (ATL). Has weapons. Needs better play calling from the sidelines. 3500+, 25+
12- Carson Palmer (CIN). The great unknown. Could be a huge hit in '10 depending on temperamental receiving corps. Projecting 3400+, 28+ could easily become 4400+, 35+. Look out for costly int's.
13- Kevin Kolb (PHA). Speedster wr's give Kolb deep threat. Play calling has always been iffy during Reid's tenure. 3300+, 24+
14- Joe Flacco (BAL). This guy can chuck it. Ravens finally have a few players to catch it. 3500+, 20+.
15- Alex Smith (SF). Will SF live up to Singletary's expectations? Smith will be on a short leash so buyer beware. If all goes well... 3500+, 25+. If not, look out.
16- Chad Henne (MIA). Don't expect much from a run oriented offense. Then again, WR weapons are finally in place to open it up when opportunities exist. 3300+, 20+
17- Vince Young (TEN). Which Young will show up in 2010? He's not your prototypical fantasy starter. 3000+, 17+, 5+ rushing.
18- Jay Cutler (CHI). Disappointing '09 highlighted by 26 int's. Only way to go is up. Or, is it? Could be a nice semi-sleeper. 3500+, 24+... watch out for point reducing int's.
19- Matt Cassel (KC). Not many expecting much production. Perfect sleeper candidate. 3300+, 20+.
20- Mark Sanchez (NYJ). Superb defense will set Jets up in great field position limiting passing yards but potentially setting stage for plenty of td passes. 3000+, 17+.

Stay tuned. Runningbacks up next.


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