Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Is Thomas' Return to Knicks a Double Dribble or Personal Foul?

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New York Knicks and former failed team President and Head Coach Isiah Thomas have been reunited. The Knicks have hired Florida International coach Thomas as a consultant. This has raised all sorts of red flags. At some point in the not too distant future expect NBA Commissioner Stern to strike down this agreement.

Thomas' tenure in New York was a shipwreck. Thomas on and off court publicity was mostly negative highlighted by a sexual harassment suit levied against the former team prez costing his employers over $11 million.

So what makes Isiah's signing bad? The very fact he's a college coach signed by New York to help evaluate talent. There's a big conflict of interest here. First off, he has two employers with conflicting interests. Second, it's a violation of NBA policy which prevents team officials from having contact with players who aren't yet eligible for the draft. There's a clear and present danger by the Knicks/Thomas agreement. Thomas will be in a position of having contact with players (every team member plus future recruits). Young teenage players could easily be pressured into making decisions they normally wouldn't do. What about agents undue influence of cash and perks which often leads to severe sanctions against universities and suspension of players? This deal is rigged to fail.

I'm not sure how or why the Knicks would even entertain entering into any new relationship with Thomas? Aren't the Knicks supposed to be heading in a new direction? Building a new future? New President? New coach? He was an embarrassment to the team and ownership. I believe in second chances but this is a little absurd. Especially, when violating league rules. It'll be a shocker if this deal survives Commissioner Stern's review.

We seem to be living in an era where history is often ignored and repeated.

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