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2010 Baseball Awards Up for Grabs

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Who's the best of 2010? Candidates for baseball's end of season awards are plentiful. Some early season odds on favorites have hit rough patches. In some cases, their names were added to an ever growing list of injuries. There's plenty of season to go. Here's my short list of current candidates and players to keep an eye on.

1- Josh Hamilton (Tex)
2- Adrian Beltre (Bos)
3- Delmon Young (Min)
4- Paul Konerko (CWS)

Not too long ago this list would have read: Robinson Cano (NYY), Justin Morneau (Min), Miguel Cabrera (Det). Cano and Cabrera might bounce back from their early August slumps. It's Hamilton's award to win or lose as of now.

1- Albert Pujols (StL)
2- Carlos Gonzalez (Col)
3- Joey Votto (Cin)
4- Aubrey Huff (SF)
5- Martin Prado (Atl)

Odds on favorite Pujols mini-slump is over and is a putting together a triple crown type season. Carlos Gonzalez has emerged a future star. Votto and Huff don't get much attention but have put together strong seasons. Prado was leading the league in hitting before derailed by injury.

1- David Price (TB)
2- Cliff Lee (Sea/Tex)
3- CC Sabathia (NYY)
4- Clay Buchholz (Bos)
5- Trevor Cahill (Oak)
6- Carl Pavano (Min)

AL Cy Young is a wide open contest. This list fluctuates from day to day. Others to keep an eye on: Jon Lester (Bos), Andy Pettitte (NYY, injury may end his bid), John Danks (CWS), Jared Weaver (LAA). Felix Hernandez (Sea) can't get any run support for his stellar performances. It's a battle to game 162.

1- Adam Wainwright (StL)
2- Ubaldo Jiminez (Col)
3- Roy Halladay (Phi)
4- Mat Latos (SD)
5- Tim Hudson (Atl)
6- Josh Johnson (Fla)

Jiminez was the early favorite after blowing away hitters in April & May. Halladay and Wainwright have been hotter of late. Hudson has been Atlanta's top hurler.

1- Austin Jackson (Det)
2- Brennan Boesch (Det)

1- Jaime Garcia (StL)
2- Gaby Sanchez (Fla)
3- Jason Heyward (Atl)

1- Ron Washington (Tex)
2- Ron Gardenhire (Min)
3- Terry Francona (Bos)
4- Ozzie Guillen (CWS)
5- Joe Girardi (NYY)

1- Bud Black (SD)
2- Bobby Cox (Atl)
3- Bruce Bochy (SF)
4- Dusty Baker (Cin)
5- Charlie Manuel (Phi)

Manager races will probably be determined by hottest finishes. Gardenhire & Francona have dealt with a roster full of injuries and kept their teams in the playoff picture. Bobby Cox is doing a masterful job in his final season.

Hot days of summer baseball are here. Don't miss any action.


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