Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Power Ranking the Majors

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Doesn't every sports season seem to keep getting better from year to year? Intensity has never been higher all sports venues. College and Pro Football teams fighting for every inch. NBA & NHL teams adjusting to early season successes, failures and costly roster injuries. Baseball news making waves as well.
"All World All Sports" Power Rankings (Top 10)

Add Minnesota to the list of coaching changes. Childress is out. Defensive Coordinator Frazier takes over for under performing 3-7 Vikes. Giants (6-4) handed another game away and lost another offensive weapon (WR Nicks, 3 weeks). Eli Manning has been careless with the football in all New York losses. Philadelphia (7-3) climbs the power ranking charts. Michael Vick is a human highlight reel. Watch out for this team when January rolls around. Eagles suddenly looking Super. Jets (8-2) continue Super trash talk after another tough victory (30-27). Last minute heroics have become the norm and confidence has never been higher in the Meadlowlands. Everything is clicking in Atlanta (8-2). Look out Dan Marino. Another record could fall this season. Chargers (5-5) Rivers is having an MVP style season for injury depleted San Diego. He's taking dead aim at Marino's single season passing yards record of 5,084 (Rivers has 3,177). Kansas City and Tampa Bay are for real. They're taking advantage of early soft schedules. KC has it easier on paper. TB's test of true mettle comes soon enough. Either way, these teams have had a successful rebounding year.

1 - New York Jets
2 - Atlanta Falcons
3 - New England Patriots
4 - Baltimore Ravens
5 - New Orleans Saints
6 - Green Bay Packers
7 - Pittsburgh Steelers
8 - Philadelphia Eagles
9 - Chicago Bears
10- New York Giants

Oregon seems to be everyone's #1. So why have I consistently ranked Auburn higher? Strength of schedule. Auburn's remaining games vs #11 Alabama & #18 South Carolina will not be easy. This marks 5 games vs top 20 teams.
Only 4 undefeated college teams remain (Auburn, Oregon, Boise State, TCU). Bowl match-ups far from determined in this anything can happen season. Two weeks remain in the regular season. Intensity increasing by the play.

1 - Auburn
2 - Oregon
3 - Boise State
4 - TCU
5 - Wisconsin
6 - LSU
7 - Stanford
8 - Ohio State
9 - Oklahoma State
10- Michigan State

Injuries are beginning to creep up. Miami is without Haslem. Celtics Rondo's gimpy. Houston lost Ming. Has anyone been watching Spurs games? They're streaking. 11 in a row! It's been a complete team effort. In my view, NBA has 3 categories of teams. Great, strong and give it up. We're barely 15 games into the young season and the standings have split quickly. Upper teams will jockey for positioning all year as fading teams attempt their best floating techniques.

1 - Los Angeles Lakers
2 - San Antonio Spurs
3 - New Orleans Hornets
4 - Oklahoma City Thunder
5 - Boston Celtics
6 - Orlando Magic
7 - Dallas Mavericks
8 - Utah Jazz
9 - Miami Heat
10- Chicago Bulls

New York Islanders fans suffering again. Teased into believing 2010-11 was to be Cinderella-like after beginning 4-1-2. 13 straight defeats cured illusions, or should I say, delusions? New Jersey & Edmonton have looked terrible. Most other teams seem to be playing competitive hockey. Consistency missing? Or, it is league balance from team to team?

1 - Detroit Red Wings
2 - Washington Capitals
3 - Philadelphia Flyers
4 - Montreal Canadiens
5 - Boston Bruins
6 - Los Angeles Kings
7 - Phoenix Coyotes
8 - Colorado Avalanche
9 - Columbus Blue Jackets
10- Tampa Bay Lightning

Joey Votto NL MVP. Ron Gardenhire (AL), Bud Black (NL) Managers of the Year. Felix Hernandez (AL) & Roy Halladay (NL) Cy Young Award winners. AL MVP announced later today. I'm in agreement with all but one. Bud Black's team collapsed in September after leading the NL West for most of the year. Dusty Baker held together a young team who stunned everyone outside of Cincinnati to win the Central.
Yanks vs Jeter in contract negotiations has been front page sports fodder. Yanks not winning any PR wars. Across town rival Mets announced new GM Alderson. In a buddy system type of move, Mets hired Terry Collins as new manager. This move needs to work out. Priority number one must now be to sign the perfect player for CitiField. Carl Crawford. Mets will be biggest off season free agent losers if Crawford isn't #1 target. Why is it no team aggressively pursues Adam Dunn? Do teams not want a 40 homer, .400 OBA player? Free agent frenzy news to start picking up steam as 2010 barrels towards December 31st. Power ranking baseball teams is a bit meaningless when so many personnel uncertainties remain questions of the day for most teams.

1 - Philadelphia Phillies
2 - San Francisco Giants
3 - Minnesota Twins
4 - New York Yankees
5 - Texas Rangers
6 - Atlanta Braves
7 - Boston Red Sox
8 - Chicago White Sox
9 - Cincinnati Reds
10- St. Louis Cardinals


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