Monday, November 8, 2010

NCAA & NFL Power Rankings

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Another wild weekend of football action. College rankings have been shaken up once again. Michigan won in triple overtime 67-65. Big plays galore. The season is winding down. A select few big time rival games remain on the docket. Here's how the top 10 shakes out.

TOP 10
1- Auburn
2- Oregon
3- TCU
4- Boise State
5- LSU
6- Wisconsin
7- Nebraska
8- Stanford
9- Ohio State
10-Michigan State

It was a highlight filled Sunday. 3 overtime games. Favre goes wild for 446 yards. Dallas is the leagues new laughingstock following their embarrassing 45-7 shellacking by Green Bay on national television. New York Giants are looking Super. Oakland is sneaking into AFC playoff contention. Jets survived a Lion scare. Buffalo fell short in their quest for victory number one. Fans were kept on seat edges all day long.

TOP 10
1- Giants
2- Jets
3- Ravens
4- Steelers
5- Packers
6- Falcons
7- Patriots
8- Saints
9- Eagles

These rankings are jumping the gun a bit as Pittsburgh faces Cincinnati later this evening. Steelers are locked into 4th heading into week 10 regardless of Monday Night's outcome.


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