Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Football Shuffle: NCAA & NFL Power Rankings

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The wacky and crazy NFL season continues. Tampa Bay (5-2) and Kansas City (5-2) keep on marching towards playoff dreams. Jerry Jones open apology to Cowboys (1-6) fans won't mean much without serious changes within the entire Dallas organization beginning from top down.

The college ranks shifted early on. Oregon (8-0) retains consensus #1 status. Auburn QB Cameron Newton has been incredible. 15 TD passes, 14 TD runs for the Heismann favorite.

Power Ranking time...

1- Auburn
2- Oregon
3- Boise State
4- TCU
5- Utah
6- Alabama
7- Wisconsin
8- Oklahoma
9- Nebraska

1- New England Patriots
2- New York Giants
3- Baltimore Ravens
4- New York Jets
5- Pittsburgh Steelers
6- Atlanta Falcons
7- Indianapolis Colts
8- Kansas City Chiefs
9- New Orleans Saints
10-Green Bay Packers


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