Monday, November 15, 2010

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In case you missed it...

Baseball's Gold Glove winners spark debate. Derek Jeter led all qualifying MLB short stops with a .989 fielding percentage. Naysayers suggest Jeter doesn't get to enough balls. His range is only mediocre. He's a Yankee. He wins because he's a good hitter. It's a popularity contest. List all the reasons you want to debunk players and coaches selection of Derek Jeter as a Gold Glove winner. Valid arguments can be made. One glaring omission hasn't been mentioned when criticizing the Yankees captain. The cold hard fact is Jeter made only 6 errors all season playing one of the most demanding infield positions. This alone more than qualifies and validates Jeter's selection. Many seem to forget the Gold Glove Award is for exceptional defensive play by ballplayer's making less errors than their counterparts.

Not even a New Meadowlands Stadium blackout was enough to wake up the New York Giants yesterday. Arch rival Dallas, and their new head coach Jason Garrett, carved up the Giants 33-20. New York was a heavy favorite to beat up on underachieving Dallas. It was not to be. Dallas ripped New York all game long. Giants defense never showed up. Here's a team which had 9 first half sacks a few weeks ago. They barely even tried attacking backup QB Kitna. Kitna converted one big play after another. Let this be a wake up call to Giants players. Game are won on the field.

Brett Favre or Ray Childress. Who's to blame in Minnesota? Coach? Players? Ownership? Everyone. Minnesota seems to be sleepwalking in 2010. A great defense has been marginalized. An explosive offense can't consistently move the ball and score. Favre's mistakes magnified. There's been plenty of Favre mistakes from forced throws turning into interceptions to fumbles when scrambling away from defenders. 2010 reminds me of Favre's early years. Certainly a player of Favre's experience and on field intelligence should know when to throw a ball away instead of trying to force plays. Minnesota's offense has provided plenty of momentum for opposition to feast on. Yes, it's a banged up team. 2010 is Favre's last. As a betting man, it's time to can the head coach too. Way too much talent on this squad for the Vikes to be playing so poorly. Play calling isn't helping matters either.

New York Islanders fired another head coach. Yawn. Hockey's perennial losers never improve. Front office is the pits. Highly publicized draft picks quickly become busts. Here's a team in desperate need of a no nonsense coach. Al Arbour is the only coach in team history to get solid results. Islanders posted just four winning seasons since 1993-94. New York is s team stuck in reverse. Ownership has been unsuccessful attempting to secure a new arena. Any wonder why?

New Orleans Hornets (9-0) NBA's best team? Or, just sporting the best record for now? All the hype heading into 2010 surrounded Miami's super trio, Lakers chances of repeating and which team will get Melo? New Orleans is for real. It's been a total team effor tfrom starters to role players off the bench. Ball movement has been tremendous. Defensive plays timely. Coaching moves all paying off. Hornets on a great early season roll out of the gates. Let's see how long they keep it going.

Baseball's free agent signings aren't quite as frenzied as many anticipated. Cliff Lee sweepstakes remain calm and free of wild rumors. Carl Crawford suitors remaining relatively silent. Yankees seem intent on securing core players first before rattling sports section headlines. Mets still searching for a new field manager. Red Sox contemplating future direction of club. General Managers play the waiting game. Who will be the first to venture into the waters?

Super Bowl contenders? Only a few in my book at the moment. There's plenty of season to go. NFC - Giants, Green Bay & New Orleans top my list of potential reps. AFC is a crowed picture. Any one of the following will represent AFC - Jets, Steelers, Patriots, Ravens & Colts.

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