Friday, November 5, 2010

Bettors & Thieves: Mets Clubhouse Manager Under Investigation

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Bettors & thieves continue within Major League Baseball stadiums. Thursday's New York Daily News is reporting Mets clubhouse manager Charlie Samuels is in a heep of trouble. The Queens District Attorney's Office is conducting a formal investigation into Samuel's participation in an organized crime gambling ring.

The cardinal rule in baseball is "no betting". No formal charges have been filed to date. It's only a matter of time. Samuels is believed to have "(provided) inside information and tips for friends who also placed bets on games and for using his Mets accounts to cover gambling debts." The Mets fired him last week after an internal probe uncovered Samuels had used team bank accounts as loans to cover gambling debts. Some loans were repaid but team officials are unable to determine, at least publicly, how much remains uncollected.

The story goes deeper. Samuel was ripping off and scamming players too. The Daily News stated: "Samuels is also under scrutiny for possibly skimming money on the hotel rooms he ordered for players as the team's traveling secretary and for Mets property that went missing from the clubhouse, including hundreds of bats, balls and jerseys."

The Samuel revelations of ties to organized crime (gambling) is nothing new in New York. In 2005 "head groundskeeper Dominic Valila was one of 36 people charged by the Queens DA's office with participating in a $360 million gambling ring that had ties to the Bonanno crime family."

Samuels was a trusted man within the Mets organization. He was New York's clubhouse manager for 27 years. Now he's being described as "the spider who sat in the middle of a money web." This moron earned $80,000 in salary yet shows $600,000 in tax reported income. He violated trust bestowed upon by Mets management, players and personnel. Stealing money to cover gambling debts is disgraceful. Stealing from "friends", players and co-workers too? Get ready for the perp walk Samuels on your way to a view from behind iron bars. Unless, of course, you chooses the life of a rat in exchange for lenient sentencing.


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