Friday, July 16, 2010

Random Rumblings: This Week in Sports

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News from the world of sports is plentiful this week. There's plenty to talk of from good to bad to sad.

The Good.

Spain won the World Cup in a hard fought 1-0 victory over a gutsy Netherlands team on a 116th minute goal by Andres Iniesta. It was the first time South Africa hosted a World Cup tournament. If you were able to overcome the seemingly disturbing headache induced ear drum piercing sounds coming from vuvuzela's then you were treated to 31 days of exciting soccer action.

Something finally happened in the baseball world for the first time since 1996. The National League won an All Star Game! The NL was on the verge of making it 14 in a row before MVP Brian McCann (Atlanta) lashed a game winning 3 run double in the 7th inning. The last NL MVP was also a catcher. In 1995 Mike Piazza won top nod after NL's 6-0 shutout of AL rivals.

Effects of steroids finally wearing off in Major League Baseball? Apparently so and there's a new breed of ballplayers coming up through the ranks making instant impacts on today's style of play. In a world where everything is anything but normal, baseball is back on track. There's been 4 no hitters (Ubaldo Jiminez, Edwin Jackson) including two perfect games (Dallas Braden, Roy Halladay). Every division is hotly contested. Potential triple crown threats. Now, we head into a potential deadline beating trading frenzy.

The British Open Golf Championship is underway across the pond. The opening rounds have been great to watch. Weather conditions have played havoc as golfer must adjust their game natures vengeance. Only the players who remain calm, cool and collected stand a chance when Mother Nature comes calling. It's anyone's guess as to who will be crowned champ on Sunday.

The Bad

LeBron James needing a nationally televised event on ESPN to announce choosing a new team. LeBron should great disrespect by placing himself above the game. Disrespect for former teammates and management in Cleveland. Disrespect towards those who courted his services. He'll be cheered every night in Miami as Heat fans are deliriously excited day dreaming of future championships with Wade, Bosh & James leading the way. I'd be willing to bet he'll be booed intensely by cities left in the dust without so much as a thank you call.

New York Yankees players did not attend Bob Sheppard's funeral. The 99 year old iconic legendary voice of Yankee Stadium died this week and not one single current Yankee player attended funeral services. Sheppard was a beloved member of the Yankees family. His voice will always be remembered by dedicated Yankees fans. Shep won the praises of generations of players young and old. Upon learning of his passing, Yankees captain Derek Jeter requested from now on there will be a taped recording of Sheppard's voice announcing his name. Ok, great... then why didn't the Yankees captain, one of Shep's most outspoken supporters, attend the funeral service. Shame on Yankees management for not arranging a Yankees style funeral.

A terrorist group linked to al Qaeda is claiming responsibility for two explosions that killed at least 74 people in Uganda as they watched the World Cup finale. The two simultaneous blasts occurred at a rugby club where Ugandans were watching the Finals and at an Ethiopian restaurant.

Rumors are starting to surface claiming Rogers Clemens used steroids extensively during his career. Former Red Sox GM Dan Duquette went on the record this week... "I'll just say this...let's let it play out a little bit more, I think there is more information and evidence that will show that Roger used performance enhancing drugs in a significant way." Perhaps this had something to do with Clemens Boston career coming to an abrupt end. Don't forget, Clemens is still under investigation by a grand jury for perjury during a 2008 trial.

The Sad

Yankees owner George Steinbrenner, 80, died this week at his home in Tampa. His career as Yankees owner was dedicated, colorful, vocal and with plenty of turmoil. He bought the Yanks from an inept CBS ownership crew for a mere $10 million. Today, the Yankees empire is valued well over $1 Billion. Steinbrenner, "The Boss", spared no costs when it came to building a winning club. He's one of the main owners who turned free agency into a windfall of money for players. Other owners would soon find themselves shelling out big bucks or risk losing baseball's stars to a free spending Steinbrenner. The Boss' career and legacy will be closely scrutinized as not all actions were honorable. Either way, there's no denying Steinbrenner as one of baseball's most flamboyant icons during the past 37 years. RIP Boss.

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