Tuesday, July 6, 2010

All World All Sports Random Thoughts

"All World All Sports"

-Digger's Daily-

No rest for the weary eyed headline readers. Action abounds everywhere in the world of sports from around the globe.

World Cup 2010 is nearing its' climax. The Neatherlands team reached the Finals for the first time since 1978 after an exciting 3-2 victory over Uruguay. Oranje has won all 6 matches and now awaits their next opponent for Sunday's World Cup Finals match. Will they play Germany? Or Spain?

NBA's free agent frenzy rumors are heating up. New York's Knicks made their first big move signing Amar'e Stoudemire to a 5 year $100M contract. Stoudemire's first order of business is to lure another big name free agent, or two, to play in the Big Apple. Knicks brass has been tempting James with the league max offer plus enticing endorsements which could net the total package in excess of $1 billion. Looks like there's no recession when it comes to throwing money at top NBA players. Teams and fans are checking twitter updates to find out if their favorite players will be returning to current teams or signing elsewhere. Bosh, Wade, LeBron, Dirk...? Where will they sign?

Baseball's All Star starters have been announced. As usual, plenty of controversy will soon follow when deserving players get left behind and replaced by questionable stars. Injuries are forcing some big name players out of this years contest in Anaheim. Will National League players finally win for the first time since 1996? Is it finally time to can awarding World Series home field advantage to All Star Game winners? YES! No way should the World Series be determined by All Star Game winners. Enough is enough. The experiment was successful for a number of years. Time to find other All Star incentives.

So far, the toughest All Star draw has been luring players to participate in the State Farm Home Run Derby. As of now, only 6 sluggers have signed up. Miguel Cabrera (Detroit), Robinson Cano (Yankees), David Ortiz (Boston) and Vernon Wells (Toronto), Corey Hart (Milwaukee) and Matt Holliday (St. Louis). Cano is a great hitter but the league is reaching if he qualifies as a "slugger". Seems as though players aren't into the contest anymore.

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