Monday, July 12, 2010

2010 Home Run Derby Predictions

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Every once in a while fans are treated to a tremendous All Star Home Run Contest. Not too long ago, Josh Hamilton put on one of the most memorable displays blasting 28 long balls at Yankee Stadium (no, he didn't win). This years' contest has a few new names as many sluggers opted not to participate. It's a shot in the dark trying to predict which player will walk away with top honors.

The hackers:

Miguel Cabrera (DET, 22 regular season HR) - Cabrera is one of my favorite current baseball players and has been since his rookie season. Everything he does seems effortless and he continues to be one of the games greats. Miguel might be able to advance out of the opening round but I just don't see him walking away with a win here. His swing is almost too perfect and tends to crack more line drives than deep flies.

Corey Hart (MIL, 21) - Hart is a free swinger which gives him a legit shot at winning this contest.

Vernon Wells (TOR, 19) - Wells is serious about winning. Look for him to nail some deep blasts. I'm thinking he'll hit double digits in the opening round.

David Ortiz (BOS, 18) - Big Papi is my odds on favorite this year. He's no stranger to being in the spotlight and has the perfect upper cut swing to do some serious damage tonight. It wouldn't at all surprise me to watch Ortiz nail a combined 25+.

Matt Holliday (STL, 16) - Similar to Cabrera whereas line drives may not have enough juice to clear the outfield wall. Tremendous hitter but might not be able to turn it up enough to get out of the first round.

Chris Young (AZ, 15) - Free swinging Young might surprise the field tonight. I'm not putting much stock into thinking he'll walk away as 2010 champ. However, he's a serious underdog who might do some major damage.

Nick Swisher (NYY, 15) - I'm hoping Swish doesn't damage his swing after participating. Often times hot hitters enter this contest and emerge powerless during the seasons' second half. Nick will probably hit the least of all contestants.

Hanley Ramirez (FLA, 13) - Marlins super star SS can do it all. But, can he win a home run contest? We'll soon find out.

Projected order of finish:
David Ortiz (winner), Vernon Wells, Corey Hart, Miguel Cabrera, Hanley Ramirez, Matt Holliday, Chris Young, Nick Swisher.

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