Wednesday, July 7, 2010

NBA Free Agent Frenzy Heats Up

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-Digger's Daily-

One by one the biggest names in basketball are being signed to wealthy contracts. Stars of the game are being wined and dined to the max. New York is one of many teams attempting to lure LeBron James. The Knicks showed how James could net well over $1 Billion in contract money plus Big Apple endorsements. New York recently signed another big name by gambling on oft injured Amare Stoudemire (5 years, $99.7M) hoping this too would help land LeBron. Personally, I don't think James necessarily wants to sign with New York. LeBron James can write his own future. He'll sign for maximum dollars no matter where he decides to play. Why would he want to take a step backwards from a championship calibur team to play for a rebuilding New York squad? He doesn't.

Miami has turned up the heat. Wade has been re-signed. Joining Wade is another sought after free agent, Chris Bosh. Adding James would instantly give Miami the leagues best 1-2-3 punch, Wade, Bosh & James. Florida living is superb. Miami is an excellent organization. The way I see it, James will either land in South Florida or decide to play for his hometown Chicago Bulls who just signed Carlos Boozer earlier today.

Decision day is Thursday during an hour long ESPN special. Sorry New Yorkers, it's going to take more than just money to turn around a desperate Knicks franchise struggling to create new glory days.

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