Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie and.... Rats!

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ESPN's "Outside the Lines" recently reviewed and revealed health department inspection reports from all 107 stadiums used by the MLB, NBA, NHL, and NFL. You're not going to like the results unless you enjoy eating rat feces, mold, cockroaches or spoiled (contaminated) food. Yes, the report is that bad.

Now we know why vendors charge $10.00 per beer and $7.50 for hot dogs. Because, there's a little something extra with each and every meal. Perhaps coupons for doctor's visits are in order?

Here's my question. Had these vendors been restaurants wouldn't local Departments of Health shut them down immediately for being a threat to the public? My next question is why only one inspection per year when nearly every major sporting facility has multiple violations?

Commissioners of all sports need to set strict guidelines of vendor requirements. Guess what public? Food prices will necessarily skyrocket. Sobeit. You're already being suckered at the rate of $7.50 for contaminated hot dogs. How about $8.50 for clean ones? Sounds better, doesn't it? Most vendors act independently of teams meaning it's their responsibility, not team or stadium owners, to follow proper guidelines. This needs to change nationwide. It isn't unreasonable to "demand" vendors be responsible enough to ensure proper safeguards and cleanliness. There should also be mandatory bi-weekly or monthly inspections conducted by individual stadiums. So many multi-million dollar beautiful new ballparks have been built at taxpayer expense creating thousands of new jobs and revenue streams. How about looking out for the general public?

How many of you witness food vendors with disgusting habits from wiping noses, coughing or sneezing into their hands right before serving you? How about those 100 degree summer days when we're treated to the fantastic event of ordering food from an over heated attendant dripping filthy sweat on your food as they handle it with money dirtied hands? Delicious thoughts. By the way, servers cleanliness wasn't factored into the report.

Great job by ESPN on reporting. Will anyone act to right an obvious wrong?

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