Sunday, January 31, 2010

All Pro Game Missing All Pro Players

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NFL All Pro game begins in a few moments. Are this years reps really a "All Pro's". Players who will actually participate in on field action are hardly all stars. Not by a long shot.

14 starters will not be playing as Super Bowl players are not allowed to take the field. However, it's mandatory they show up and watch from the sidelines. First, they're penalized by not being allowed to play. Then, financially penalized by NFL if they opt to skip mandatory sideline pacing.
Next, 17 players will miss the contest due to injury. So who's left? David Garrard and Vince Young will be AFC backup QB's. Maybe next year NFL should go after high school QB's. Not many NFL starting QB's had worse stats than Garrard. Yet, here he is ready to suit up and play.

Needless to say I'm not a fan of the new version of this years All Pro game hosted in Super Bowl city Miami vs usual Hawaii format. All Star games in all sports are a tribute to leagues best players honored by fans and peers. Yes, some of the NFL greats will be playing. Unfortunately, at least for me, not enough and barring players from participating is a personal foul of the highest degree. This is exactly why I firmly believe future games should be played after the Super Bowl.

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