Monday, February 1, 2010

Terrell Owens Never Stops Blabbing

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Does Terrell Owens ever sit still long enough to realize how many dumb statements come flying out of his mouth? I've never understood how many professional analysts continue to call T.O. one of the games greatest. On paper, Owens statistics generally look very good. That is, until one scratches the surface. He's always among league leaders in passes dropped. Fans in San Francisco, Philadelphia, Dallas and Buffalo had to be sick to their stomachs watching T.O. drop passes then gleefully prance back toward the huddle (or sidelines). He's sideline rants, continuous bad mouthing teammates, poor practice routine, disrespect for coaches etc keeps his status far from one of the games best in my book.

Now here we are. It's Pro Bowl weekend in Miami. Super Bowl XLIV next Sunday. Maybe Owens was feeling lonely or far from the spotlight. His latest out of left field comments were reported Jan 28th....

"I know hands-down I'd be close to Jerry Rice's records if I had been with quality quarterbacks like he had. He had Joe Montana and he finished with Steve Young. That wasn't a dropoff.

"Say I had been with a guy like Tom Brady, Peyton Manning or Drew Brees all of my career. Are you kidding me?"

Hey T.O.... are you kidding us? You've played with Steve Young, Jeff Garcia, Donovan McNabb, Tony Romo. Young is Hall of Fame material. Garcia an All Pro. McNabb All Pro. Romo All Pro. All loved throwing the ball. Perhaps Terrell dropping so many passes, especially in key 3rd & 4th down situations, soured the confidence of QB's? Yet, year after year, he talks down to teammates. Has sideline temper tantrums. Disrespects teammates.

T.O. has always come across as a 'why me?', 'why not me?', attention seeker. Complaining all the time is probably his most well known attribute. Once again, his selfish style of play on and off the field stands out above all else. It reeks of insecurity. Grow up T.O.

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