Thursday, January 7, 2010

2010 to Crown New BCS & NFL Champions!

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Get ready for serious football action. Thursday night is college football's BCS Championship Game, #1 Alabama Crimson Tide vs #2 Texas Longhorns. Two of the nations perrenial top football programs will go head to head in a winner take all game. Following closely behind, NFL Playoffs kick off with the Wild Card round beginning Saturday. Here's my two cents version of how the games will play out...

Texas Longhorns (13-0) - Barely challenged by opponents in '09 until beating Nebraska by 1 in the regular season finale 13-12. Nation's 3rd ranked offense led by senior QB Colt McCoy and WR Jordan Shipley will have their hands full vs nation's 2nd ranked Alabama Crimson Tide defense. Texas plays a high powered game featuring speed on both sides of the line. Alabama's offensive line might be the difference maker in this one. If they're able to pound Longhorn defensive line into the ground (no easy task) then Heisman Trophy winner Ingram will have a huge night. Texas LB's will need to play big and they will.
Prediction: Texas 23 Alabama 19

Jets (9-7) @ Bengals (10-6): Jets trifecta - rookie coach, rookie qb, NFL #1 defense. Jets defense is NFL's best and will be needed to set up great field position for suspect offense. Chad Ochocinco lost his own challenge and was supposed to change his name back to Chad Johnson (hasn't happened) after being shut out by Jets CB Revis. Chad whoever may get shut out again.
Jets 20 Bengals 9

Eagles (11-5) @ Cowboys (11-5): Cowboys snapped a December dry spell to win NFC East in final game vs Philadelphia. Dallas defense has posted back to back shutouts. I've always been a firm believer in momentum heading into playoff football and Cowboys are hot, hot, hot. Did Eagles defense play possum last weekend? They're a blitz first defense and hardly blitzed Romo last weekend. Expect a very aggressive D this go around. If so, watch out for Romo to Witten as Philly is weak defending TE's running wide open vs blitz schemes.
Cowboys 31 Eagles 20

Ravens (9-7) @ Patriots (10-6): Ravens are dangerous. Problem is their game is inconsistent on both offense and defense. When they're good, they're good. When bad, they play like crud. I'm expecting Baltimore's D to be very motivated and agressive. Same goes for offense vs Pats weak and exposed secondary. This isn't the same Patriots team which not too long ago dominated games. They won't on Sunday either. Brady lost a key weapon last weekend (Welker). Defense is banged up. Running game has no chance vs Ravens D line. Moss will be double teamed. Belichick needs one heck of a game plan run to perfection if New England is to have any chance on Sundaay afternoon.
Ravens 27 Patriots 17

Packers (11-5) @ Cardinals (10-6): No one gave Arizona any chance heading into last years' opening round playoff game. Guess what? They ended up one play from winning the Super Bowl! I doubt many are giving them much of a shot in this game either. Green Bay is hot and playing great football lately. Their defense has been making big play after big play. On offense, Rodgers is in the zone leading the NFL's 3rd highest scoring offense. Warner won't go easily and is usually money in big games. Young RB Wells will need to play the game of his life and not fumble. Protecting the pigskin is key for turnover happy Cards.
Packers 34 Cardinals 23

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