Monday, January 4, 2010

Ochocinco No More? Trash Talker Loses Own Challenge!

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Happy New Year!

What a great few days of football from college to pro games. It's only gets better from here. Soon a new National Champion will be crowned. Next weekend NFL Playoffs begin.

Here's a little side note from Sunday night's pre-game interview with Chad Ochocinco. Remember, Chad's real last name used to be Johnson before he legally changed to Ochocinco. This week, Ocho has been engaged in lighthearted trash talking of how he was going to beat New York Jets defensive back Revis. One of his twitter posts read as follows:

"I'm coming to the big apple to give NY what they've never seen, an escape inmate gone wild on Revis island. Try and cover me."

Today he took it to a new level. And, if he's a man of his word, Chad Ochocinco will soon be legally re-named Chad Johnson. During the Bengals/Jets pre-game interview Chad stated how Revis couldn't cover him. I guess playing top notch defense vs Randy Moss & Terrell Owens two games each didn't mean much to Chad. Not to mention shutting down nearly every opposing wideout.

Ochocinco's trash talking was all stated in good fun and without malice. He's a colorful character always looking to say or do something on the shocking side to garner attention on and off the field. But, did he go too far tonight? Will Revis call him out? Here's the pregame challenge quote during the Costas interview:

"If Revis were to shut me down, I will change my name back to Johnson. That’s how confident I am. It’s not happening.”

Guess how many catches Mr. Ochocinco recorded Sunday night? ZERO. New York's defense laid it all on the line. A win guaranteed them a playoff birth. They did more than win. It was total domination 37-0. Chad didn't catch a single pass. Revis was all over him from the very first snap.

The question remains.... will Chad honor his word even if spoken in jest and revert back to Johnson?

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