Thursday, January 14, 2010

Kansas City's New England Connection

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Here come the Chiefs. Kansas City is wasting no time by quickly rebuilding for future success. New general manager, new offensive coordinator, new defensive coordinator. What do these three (GM Pioli, OC Charlie Weiss, DC Roman Crennel) all have in common? They're the New England connnection who contributed heavily to the Patriots monster years from 2002-05 (3 Super Bowl Titles).

Everything about Kansas City football is about to improve on and off the field of play. Draft day planning suddenly gets exciting for these guys. On offense, Charlie Weiss is one of the best. The defense better perform if they want to play for new defensive coordinator Crennel.

The Chiefs have been one of NFL's best franchises until recent struggles. They've been a fun team to watch over the years but it's been rough going ever since Dick Vermeil retired. My favorite years for KC was during Marty Schottenheimer's tenure.

Let's see what the Chiefs can do with their new staff.

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