Friday, December 4, 2009

Power Ranking NFL's Top 10

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Who's the best? Fans in New Orleans (11-0), Indianapolis (11-0) and Minnesota (10-1) all think their home team is best in the NFL. Here's my short top 10 power rankings list heading into games of week 13.

1- New Orleans Saints (11-0): Saints have dominated having played just one game decided by 7 or less points. Only one tough game on paper remains vs Dallas. 16-0 a very real possibility.

2- Minnesota Vikings (10-1): That's right. I rank Vikes ahead of Colts (for now). They do it all. Dominate line of scrimmage on offense/defense, great running game, talented WR's, Hall of Famer QB, solid special teams.

3- Indianpolis Colts (11-0): Peyton Manning has engineered 5 fourth quarter comeback victories in '09. No game seems out of reach. Reason for dropping Colts to 3rd is they've been less than dominating. Manning's MVP calibur year highlights his late game mastery.

4- San Diego Chargers (8-3): Bolts coming on strong after another semi-slow beginning. We'll soon see if these guys have learned to win playoff football after heartbreaking defeats.

5- Cincinnati Bengals (8-3): Did I just type Cincinnati Bengals as #5? Who would have thought this volatile team could finally piece it all together so quickly on the heels of recent serious disfunctional seasons? Defense is leading the way. Offense getting the job done. Upcoming back to back road games in Minnesota and San Diego will determine just how good this team is... or, isn't.

6- Dallas Cowboys (8-3): #6 for now. Can they win in December after recent late season implosions? We'll soon find out of Romo can successfully lead his Cowboys to the finish line.

7- New England Patriots (7-4): #7 by default. Defense has been exposed all season long. Success depends on how many points Brady & Co. can score. Don't expect much come playoff time unless defensive lapses are corrected.

8-Philadelphia Eagles (7-4): Sometimes they look great... other times not so much. McNabb has his eyes set on returning to the Super Bowl. Many good teams stand in their way. Currently one game behind Dallas. Only one win vs teams with winning record. A significant stat completely ignored.

9- Arizona Cardinals (7-4): Win pretty, lose ugly. Cards proved nobody should take them lightly after last year. Lack of running attack puts all the pressure on Warner' right arm. Another big hit to the head could end his season (a very real possibility).

10- Tennessee Titans (5-6): Began 0-6. Have won 5 in a row after getting blown out 59-0 in New England. Vince Young has been superb. RB Chris Johnson phenominal. Defense aggressive. Huge test this weekend vs undefeated Colts.

Stay tuned for NFL underperformers.



  1. I cant disagree with you at all.. The Vikes play the most solid football in the NFL (even more solid than the Saints...) They arent better than the saints but if they meet in the NFC conference final.. itll be a DOOZIE of a game.. Vikes have it all, RB, QB (who made WRS better), Oline, Dline, LBs Secondary, Special teams.. FOR REAL!!

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  2. Hey Coach,
    Thanks for checking in!