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NFL Week 15 Predictions

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Philadelphia (9-4) sits alone leading the NFC East after beating up on rival Giants (7-6) coupled with another Dallas (8-5) December loss. McNabb might be playing in another game of the week matchup vs confident San Francisco (6-7). Parts of our country will get blacked out of a big game Saturday night when Dallas heads over to New Orleans (13-0). It's an NFL Network game which isn't carried by all cable operators (NOT by Cablevision in NY!!!). Another Dallas loss could be crippling to their hopes this season.

I rebounded from an off week #13 by picking 12 of 16 upping my season w/l total to 136-72. A bunch of so-so games litter this weekends schedule. There will be a few great ones too. Dallas @ NO, Miami @ Tennessee, SF @ Philly, Cincy @ SD and Giants @ Washington. Much is at stake this weekend. AFC has 9 teams engaged in a tough playoff race. NFC appears to have 3 teams fighting for the last slot. Anything can happen in the NFL. I'm thinking Dallas will be odd man out if New York wins in Washington.

Week 15 (home in CAPS):

Indianapolis 30 JACKSONVILLE 24 - (Thursday) Colts declared their intentions not to over do it down the stretch and will rest players whenever they're see fit. A potential perfect season is taking a back seat to staying healthy for a Super Bowl run. Jacksonville (7-6) is in a dogfight trying to qualify for post season play. They may have a shot this weekend as Indy has been playing close games. Jags will come up short just like all other foes.

NEW ORLEANS 51 Dallas 21 - (Saturday) Yes, I'm predicting the Saints to walk all over the Cowboys (8-5). Brees has too many weapons in spread formations for Dallas to cover. If Cowboys can't apply pressure up front (they won't), then this game will be over after 1st quarter.

New England 27 BUFFALO 13 - Turmoil surrounding Pats. Brady chewed out team a couple of weeks ago. Carolina accusing Randy Moss of quitting last weekend. Weaker than normal defense. Head Coach who hasn't figured it out. Nonetheless, Patriots roll.

Arizona 44 DETROIT 7 - Cardinals (8-5) clinch NFC West in a blowout.

Miami 14 TENNESSEE 13 - Huge game for both teams. On paper, it's Ricky Williams (3 100 yard games in 4 starts) vs Chris Johnson (8 straight 100 yard games). If you like games won by line of scrimmage battles... this is the one to watch. Evenly matched teams at the moment with Titans holding edge in passing game.

KANSAS CITY 26 Cleveland 17 - Good news in Cleveland. Mike Holmgren is negotiating to become head of football operations.

Houston 35 ST LOUIS 10 - Schaub's having a good season for fantasy football owners but his stats aren't translating into wins for real life Texans (6-7). They can't win vs teams with winning records. This weekend, they'll beat up on a loser.

JETS 24 Atlanta 14 - Jets might have to win all remaining games to have a shot at playoff football. Falcons are limping into this game with stars QB Ryan and RB Turner banged up. If Atlanta was smart these two wouldn't play another snap in '09.

PHILADELPHIA 27 San Francisco 20 - Eagles (9-4) start pulling away in NFC East with a win over gritty 49ers.

BALTIMORE 30 Chicago 17 - Baltimore will abuse Cubs. Da Bears are nowhere to be found. Ravens remain in the hunt.

Cincinnati 27 SAN DIEGO 24 - Bengals to snap Chargers 8 game win streak and clinch AFC North title. Don't miss this one, it should be a great contest right up to the final play.

DENVER 27 Oakland 0 - I can't remember the last time I tried predicting a shutout. Here it comes. Time for Raiders to fly their flag upside down. Broncos remain in control of their playoff destiny.

Green Bay 31 PITTSBURGH 20 - Pack (9-4) on a 5 game roll. Steelers (6-7) on a 5 game dive. Make it 6 each.

SEATTLE 20 Tampa Bay 10 - Who cares?

Minnesota 27 CAROLINA 14 - (Sunday Night) It won't matter how long Vikings regulars play.

Giants 31 WASHINGTON 23 - New York (7-6) takes a giant step forward towards playoff football after barely holding on vs a suddenly confident Redskins club. Defensive Coordinator Bill Sheridan has been getting burned all season by not calling aggressive defensive plays from stunts to blitzing schemes. Giants front four hasn't stepped up and secondary getting tourched. It happens again but NY survives.

After this weekend.... NFC playoff picture becomes a little clearer. AFC remains up for grabs.


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