Tuesday, December 1, 2009

2 Stroke Penalty - Tiger's Gals Adding Up!

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Tiger Woods 2:30 a.m. Thanksgiving night car crash has been front page material since last weekend. Alert news stated he was being taken to a local Orlando hospital. His wife had rescued him by breaking a window with a golf club to get him out. No serious injury was reported and Tiger fans let out a sigh of relief. And then.........

Truth or rumors? Quickly rumors came out claiming a fight with his wife over another woman led to this crash quickly became fodder for 24/7 news cycles. The National Inquirer ran a story accusing Tiger of an extramarital affair. The "other woman" quickly got in front of the story and emphatically denied hooking up with golf's greatest stroker. Woods released a statement asking for privacy while commending his wife for being quick on the scene to lend a hand.

Next headlines told Tiger refused to be interviewed by local Orlando police who were investigating his accident. Three refusals to be precise. Orlando cops finally gave up and cited Woods with a careless driving summons which he quickly paid ($164.00). However, bigger questions remain for wondering eyes.

Various unproven rumors have been tossed around airwaves from tv to radio to bloggers. One stated Tiger's wife learned of an affair, hit him, chased him out of the house with a golf club. One stated Mrs. Woods was beating on Tiger's car causing him to speed away and crash. There are a few people out there who believe Tiger was busted. Especially, divorce lawyers. While listening to tv commentary, lawyers stated it's in Tiger's best interest to avoid being interviewed by Orlando police. If his wife had beaten him and left physical marks on Tiger's face then the police would be within their rights to make an arrest for domestic battery. Media types made a big deal of Tiger refusing to meet Orlando police. No big deal. Perhaps he's protecting his wife. Perhaps not. Either way it's a non-issue unless you're Mr. or Mrs. Tiger Woods.

Today, we've been treated to another twist in this ongoing saga. Another woman has come forward to claim she had an affair with Tiger for over two years. Whammo! Just in case this is all hocus pocus coming from opportunistic creatures of the night I'm not going to publish names of women looking for notoriety. However, there's a 24 year old who claims to have voice recordings and steamy text messages. A few publications from The National Enquirer to US Magazine claiming their stories have been investigated and are real.

What's up with married folks these days? Is cheating on your "until death do us part" significant others becoming part of the norm in our world? It seems so. I can rattle off a long list of names from celebrity figures to those I've personally known who openly flaunt their affairs (all while thinking it's a big secret). For mere mortals... affairs sometimes lead to divorce... some messier than others. When celeb's are involved multi-million dollar settlements often splash headlines. Donald Trump, Johnny Carson, Alex Rodriguez... the bigger the name... the bigger the headline. Now we're talking of the world's greatest golfer. Sports first billion dollar man. How much will he have to give up? If any of this is true, then he's going to shell out hundreds of millions. Especially, when his wife was pregnant during one of Tiger's alleged affairs. Can't get much lower.

One way or another, Tiger needs to personally get out in front of this story. For better or worse. Letting news cycles and bloggers speculate can only do further damage. The 2nd woman named seems all too willing to come out and tell all. If this is all lies and rumors, stand up Tiger and confront those wishing to do you harm. If these rumors turn out to be truths, stand up Tiger and own the news before your reputation turns into endless jokes for late night television laughs.

Mulligan or two stroke penalty? Tiger's landed in a trap.



  1. A 4th woman is about to come forward. Tiger's been busy!

  2. 6 and counting with more lining up to come forward.