Monday, December 7, 2009

Doomsday December's Continue Haunting Dallas

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Dallas Cowboys December nightmare's continue to haunt Tony Romo and his teammates. Heading into 2009, Dallas had lost 8 of 12 Romo led December contests. Hardly the formula for champions which is precisely why they're not.

Yesterday, Dallas' latest December haunts were embraced by a struggling New York Giants football team. New York had lost 5 of its' previous 6 games after beginning 5-0. New York was on the verge of elimation. Good news for Giants fans... the Cowboys came to town and New York now has reason to believe after winning 31-24.

Where and how will Dallas implode this season? Remember "Jessica-Gate"? Romo's Mexican vacation on the eve of their biggest game 2 years ago? How about Tony Romo taking off for a Vegas vacation last week? Name it and the Dallas Morning News has covered it. Finger pointing has already begun. Dallas fans are nervous. And the TICKET (local Dallas am sports talk radio) is on full offensive blasting their team just like they've done during prior December disasters.

Was yesterdays loss to New York the next chapter in Dallas end of season failures? We'll find out soon enough. Dallas currently leads NFC East with an 8-4 record. Their schedule is grueling. Yesterday it was New York Giants. Next week they host a red hot San Diego Chargers club. December 19th @ undefeated New Orleans. December 27th vs rejuvenated Washington. Four tough games before ending the 2009 season in 2010, January 3rd hosting Philadelphia.

NFC East is suddenly up for grabs with Giants back in the picture and owning tie-breaker vs Dallas. New York and Philadelphia fans are counting on December haunting Dallas once again. Get ready for a wild few weeks during NFL's final month of regular season action.


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