Tuesday, December 29, 2009

NBA & NHL Power Rankings

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It's been a wild ride in the NBA as the season nears its' halfway point. No one single player, coach or team has stood out above the field. Recent history has shown us how the leagues top team keep getting tougher. 2009-10 season is no different. NBA fans have been treated to great games. There's more to come.

Here's my top 10 thru 30+ games played...

1- LA Lakers
2- Boston Celtics
3- Cleveland Cavaliers
4- Orlando Magic
5- Dallas Mavericks
6- Denver Nuggets
7- Phoenix Suns
8- Atlanta Hawks
9- San Antonio
10-Houston Rockets

Another great season on ice for NHL fans. Martin Brodeur continues rewriting goalie records. The leagues top teams continue getting stronger. Only 7 teams with sub .500 records. Teams stuck behind the top 10 will be in a dogfight for post-season play throughout the seasons second half.

My top 10
1- New Jersey Devils
2- Pittsburgh Penguins
3- Chicago Blackhawks
4- Washington Capitals
5- San Jose Sharks
6- Buffalo Sabres
7- Phoenix Coyotes
8- Colorado Avalanche
9- Vancouver Canucks
10-Calgary Flames

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