Thursday, May 13, 2010

Will Cleveland Keep LeBron James?

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Will Cleveland's front office resign LeBron James before he's eligible to file for free agency on July 1? Win or lose, tonight represents a very real possibility LeBron's days in Cleveland are finished.

The Cavaliers current 5 year run is best in team history. Back to back 60+ win seasons (current), 3 semi-final appearances, one conference final appearance and one NBA Finals loss. Not a bad run. All made possible by back to back NBA MVP, LeBron James. Cavs brass were banking on at least another Conference Finals this year. Standing in their way has been a determined Boston Celtics squad completely dominating James and the Cavs.

So what happens if Boston sends Cleveland packing tonight? Are the Cavs seriously considering dumping one of the NBA's biggest stars? A huge mistake. If Cleveland fears allocating a boat load of cash for one player then they'd be wise to consider a sign and trade deal. This would afford Cleveland leverage for obtaining talent in return for the NBA's reigning MVP. Letting James leave without seeking compensation is absolute insanity.

New York Knicks fans are keeping their fingers crossed. New York has done everything possible in anticipation of LeBron declaring free agency come July 1. They've dumped high priced players, cleared salary cap room, hired new front office personnel and a coaching staff. New York sports media has employed a full court press on airwaves near and far attempting to court James. Everything from championships on Broadway to luxurious homes has been discussed. A few other players have been targeted but, it's obvious James is their prime target. Time will tell.

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