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May 2010 has been packed with action and wide ranging sports stories. Arrests, playoff games, perfect games, taunts and tasers. Time to tackle a few eye catchers.

Lawrence Taylor was arrexted on rape charges stemming from his night with a 16 year old prostitute in upstate New York. LT's life keeps teetering on self destruction from cocaine abusing days to poor judgement. Now it's a rape rap. LT is no stranger to being arrested. So, why did LT forget one of his rights? To remain silent. LT admitted to arresting officers he paid $300 for sex but didn't realize the woman was actually an underage teenager. LT's latest drama will be played out in newspapers until its' conclusion. For more on athletes in trouble check out

Two sports fans tasered in less than one week after creating disturbances. The first incident happened at Citizens Bank Park during a Phillies game. A moronic 17 year old teen jumped onto the field and began running. He managed to illude stadium security until a uniformed Philadelphia cop subdued the kid with a taser gun. The cop is now being investigated for excessive use of force. According to reports, the teen ignored his father's plea not to run onto the field. The rest was history. Fans should know if they're dumb enough to pull a stunt like this then expect a swift butt kicking when you're finally captured.

The second taser incident happened at The Players Championship golf event this weekend in Florida. Apparently a drunk Tiger Woods heckler refused to quiet down and soon went into another rant after being approached by St. Johns County Sheriff Deputies. When the deputies finally resorted to arresting the man he resisted and was quickly tasered. The PGA Tour commented immediately following with this statement: "The Tour's position is and has always been that anything that disrupts the competition or the enjoyment of our fans will be dealt with accordingly, as was the case today."

Does anyone remember Yankees Alex Rodriguez vs A's Dallas Braden brouhaha? It started a couple of weeks ago when ARod ran across the mound on his way back towards the Yankees dugout after being retired by the A's southpaw pitcher. Braden took exception and launched a bratty verbal tirade. Media outlets seized on this story and blew it way out of proportion. Braden's rants continued well after the game. ARod attempted to quell any further discussion by stating he didn't want "to extend his (Braden) extra 15 minutes of fame." Well guess what happened yesterday in Oakland? Braden's fame was forever extended. Dallas Braden pitched a perfect game vs Tampa Bay on Mother's Day. Braden's grandmother, who was in attendance watching her grandson's perfect gem, joined in the ARod bashing. After the perfect game grannie told ARod to "stick it". Congratulations Dallas Braden on your perfect game. Now stop whining and shut up!

Phoenix Suns finally beat San Antonio Spurs. Yes, that's right hoops fans, Phoenix beat the Spurs. San Antonio had disposed of Phoenix in four straight playoff series until Sunday. The Suns got the revenge this year by sweeping their arch rivals in a hard hitting series. It seemed like every Spurs mistake quickly turned into a Suns advantage. Don't expect much more from Phoenix in this years playoffs. Then again, never say never.

Surprise, surprise. Check out baseball's pitching leaders. Not quite a who's who of household names. American League ERA leaders are: CJ Wilson (Tex) 1.51, Phil Hughes (NYY) 1.69 and Doug Fister (Sea) 1.71. National League's top 3: Ubaldo Jiminez (Col) 0.93, Livan Hernandez (Was) 1.04 and Jaime Garcia (STL) 1.18. Hardcore baseball fans know these names well while many others have been asking "Who?" Let's see if these guys can keep up early season successes for the long haul.

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