Monday, May 3, 2010

NBA Conference SemiFinal Predictions

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2010 NBA Playoffs are going strong. Opening round games were great to watch even though only one series went the distance. Now it's time for the Conference Semifinals. Two great matchups on paper are Cleveland vs Boston and San Antonio vs Phoenix. Anything can happen from here on in. Whichever teams capitalize most from opponents mistakes should be victorious. Predictions......

Cleveland over Boston in 7 - James was officially awarded his second consecutive NBA MVP Award on Sunday. James knows to become one of the all time greats now rests squarely on leading Cleveland to championship glory.
Orlando over Atlanta in 5 - Magic chasing after 1st championship. Atlanta's great season will soon end.

Los Angeles over Utah in 5- Kobe stepped up in Game 1 as LA almost dropped the opener. LA has generally looked great in wins and abysmal in defeat. Utah will keep up the pressure on every play.
San Antonio over Phoenix in 7 - Both teams are red hot and playing smart heads up hoops. This will be a 15 round slugfest.

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