Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Philadelphia Fans: Loyal & Classless

"All World All Sports"

-Digger's Daily-

Philadelphia. A city rich in sports tradition. Philadelphia Eagles. Philadelphia Phillies. Philadelphia Flyers. Philadelphia 76ers. Each had their fair share of time in the sun. Each produced a long list of beloved sports heroes and championship teams. Mike Schmidt, Robin Roberts, Julius Erving, Wilbert Montgomery, Chuck Bednerick, Reggie White & Bobby Clarke are just a few. Philadelphia is famously known as "the City of Brotherly Love". That is, unless you happen to root for an opposing player.

Philly has a long history and strong reputation of hosting rogue, rowdy fans. A long list of incidents have taken place in Philadelphia hosting stadiums and arenas. Even Santa Claus was soundly booed and snowballed during an Eagles 1968 halftime show soon to be made famous around the country by Howard Cosell's national sports tv show. Car fires, fields trashed, near riots, drunken spectacles and clashes with police led city officials to create a temporary prison at Veterans Stadium during football season. Current state of affairs demonstrate police seem fed up with unruly behavior when only two weeks ago a foolish fan was tased after streaking onto the baseball diamond during a Phillies game. Most recently, during Game 1 of NHL's Eastern Conference Finals, a Montreal sportswriter's car was badly vandalized during the Flyers/Canadians contest.

What's up Philadelphia? An extremely long history of pathetic actions during sporting events continues growing. To what end? For what purpose? Just to prove drunks should always be denied entrance to games? Who cares if a visitor roots for their team and against yours? What if it was your son, sister, daughter or wife getting pummeled, robbed and victimized? It's high time city officials enact legislation dictating extreme harsh penalties resulting from public disturbances at athletic events. Cut off all alcohol sales as your citizens have proven numerous times they cannot handle drinking responsibly. Team owners should be held to task for not hiring enough security to keep everyone safe. As the saying goes, it only takes one rotten apple to ruin it for everyone else. Time to crack down hard on unsavory Philadelphia fans.

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