Monday, March 1, 2010

Winter Olympics Over? Not for Celebrating Athletes!

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2010 Winter Olympic medal competitions concluded Sunday night in Vancouver. USA won the most total medals (37). Host Canada won the most golds (14) and finished third overall behind Germany (30). We were treated to spectacular competitions from beginning to end. The final event was a thrilling overtime victory by Team Canada's men's hockey over Team USA, 3-2. Are the games over? Officially, yes. Recreationally.... ?

I ran across a funny story in Sunday's National Post. Apparently, local health officials distributing 100,000 condoms for athletes wasn't nearly enough. Considering approximately 7000 gathered within the Olympic Village confines in Vancouver... this means an average of 14 condoms/athlete were used. As of mid-week, supplies were running on empty. An additional 20,000 were rushed in by Australian Olympic supplier Ansell.

Gold, silver or bronze. An entirely new competition is rumored to be taking place as Olympians celebrate before returning home. Olympic sponsor Nike's slogan "Just Do It" has a whole new meaning.

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