Tuesday, March 9, 2010

College Bowl Games Heading to Yankee Stadium

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Get ready for "The New Era Pinstripe Bowl". Leave it to the entreprenurial prowess of the Steinbrenner clan for finding new innovative ways to strengthen their Yankees brand.

Football tradition starts a new chapter of sports in the Bronx. Yankee Stadium will host the Big East's third ranked team vs Big 12's sixth ranked team (after excluding the conferences' respective BCS teams from consideration). The four year agreement to host games gives the New Era Cap Co. "exclusive headwear licensing rights and non-exclusive apparel licensing rights on Bowl-Game-related merchandise." ESPN owns broadcasting rights for both tv and radio.

Another financial home run for the Steinbrenner's and Yankees. Yankee Stadium has a rich tradition in holding spectacular non-baseball related events from heavyweight boxing championships to visits from the Pope. This will be the first time college football returned to the Bronx since 1962. Is this just the beginning of Yanks brass trying to secure future higher ranked games? Or, will the Steinbrenner's be satisfied with the new status quo? Time will tell.

The Yankees empire continues to grow. New Yorkers love it. Yankee haters despise anything Yankee related. There's been a recent trend developing in sports arenas. Bold owners are reaching beyond their respective sports to find new avenues of entertainment. Cowboys Stadium (NFL) recently hosted the NBA All Star Game. Boston's Fenway Park hosts NHL regular season games. Let's not forget the countless music venues held across the country in arena's large and small.

This is a home run deal for all involved. New York is the media capital of the world. NCAA, New Era, ESPN and the Yankees will all capitalize on this deal even in the midst of our economic downturn. Yankee fans can celebrate a new revenue stream which will undoubtably secure what this team has always tried doing... chasing after the best baseball talent the game has to offer.

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