Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Giants to Host First NFL Game in New Meadowlands

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New York Giants. New York Jets. The New Meadowlands Stadium. Giants & Jets new home debuts in 2010. Cost, $1.7 billion. State of the art facility. Great field views from all seats. Jets website calls it the "New Jets Stadium". Giants website calls it the "New Giants Stadium". Both teams split construction costs and are 50/50 owners. Guess what they never decided before breaking ground? First team to host a game.

On Monday the NFL announced that a coin flip was held to determine first home host. Giants won the flip (SI.com). Jets are very upset.

"When the issue of which team would be hosting the first regular-season game could not be resolved on the merits, I suggested a coin toss as the fairest way to resolve this issue. The league rejected that idea. Then, I was told on Friday that a coin toss had taken place at the league office and that the Jets had lost. We rejected a process in which neither team was present. The league departed from our time-honored tradition and declined the opportunity to set the matter straight with a transparent process." (Woody Johnson, NY Jets owner)

NFL also announced both teams will play their season openers back to back. Giants open on Sunday and Jets Monday night. I can't help but laugh at this craziness. How does anyone cough up nearly one billion dollars without an agreement settling which team would be the first to play their home opener? It's bad enough both ownership groups agreed to keep their "New York" franchises in New Jersey after New York fought hard for their return. Jets & Giants playing in New Jersey has been a sad joke to New Yorkers for years. Now, we hear a coin flip decided first home team after ownership groups weren't able to reach a satisfactory arrangement.

Losing the first ever home opener probably doesn't matters to anyone outside of Woody Johnson. Woody shouldn't be so publicly irked now when this issue should've been settled long ago. It's the second major snafu by the Jets who for years hated playing home games in a stadium named for another. However, under the terms of the old stadium lease, changing the name of the stadium required the Giants' approval, and the Giants refused to change the name. Now, the Jets lose out on a coin flip and become miffed when flipping a coin was the Jets idea in the first place.

Personally, I'm happy to learn the Giants will host the first ever regular season game in the new stadium. Afterall, the old facility was called Giants Stadium. The Meadowlands has been home to the Giants since 1977. The Jets moved in after running away from New Yorkers & Shea Stadium in 1984.

Get over it Woody. If it meant so much then you should have negotiated a better deal before coughing up your money!

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