Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Random March Ramblings...

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Sports news never slows down. Not even a government showdown was big enough to calm down breaking sports news. NCAA Tourney upsets. Baseball spring training. Tiger talking (again). Where to begin?

NCAA Men's Tournament Sweet 16 begins Thursday (Regional Semi-Finals). One top dog has been eliminated (Kansas) essentially killing most of my pool entries. Knew I should have stayed with Kentucky. Keep an eye on a few Cinderella stories. South bracket has #10 St. Mary's taking out #2 Villanova. East warriors #11 Washington hammered #3 New Mexico & #12 Cornell out classed #4 Wisconsin. Syracuse vs Kentucky is now my Championship Game pick with UK taking home top prize.

Tiger Woods is talking again. "I cheated, I this, I that..." boo hoo, blah blah. Tired of Tiger? Yep. But, PGA tv ratings will soon skyrocket once again. Woods awaited return will take place at The Masters. I'm one of the curious viewers to hear how Tiger's return is received. No doubt fans will cheer like crazy. Probably a few choice geers from time to time.

Baseball news out of Minnesota is twofold. First, All Star catcher Joe Mauer landed a sweet 9 year $184M contract extension. Great move by a franchise normally unwilling to pay it's big stars big money. The Twins will be opening a new stadium in April. Revenues must be substantial with new revenue streams and luxury seating. Perhaps this is a sign of things to come? The Twins are poised to be a powerhouse club loaded with plenty of talent. Curious eyes are wondering hos they'll deal with the devastating loss of closer Joe Nathan? Will they experiment with who they have or go for a last minute spring deal? No way can they afford to give away games after division rivals Chicago and Detroit improved personnel.

What's up with Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger? Another woman comes forward with assault allegations. Public details are sketchy at best but Pittsburgh head coach Tomlin is "concerned" about Ben. NFL Commissioner is soon to weigh in after meeting with the two time Super Bowl champ. What's the deal with sports players? These guys put themselves in so many situations detrimental to their well being.

New York Rangers players heads are hanging low after losing a must win game vs Boston to save their season. Rangers offense rarely shows up after coming out of the gates with a promising 7-1 record to start the year. They're now on the verge of elimination with only a few games remaining. 23 games scoring 1 or none. It's amazing to think these guys have any chance whatsoever but it isn't over til it's over.

How about those Washington Capitals? They're destroying opponents with an explosive offense. Their 283 goals are 47 more than second best. 24 games scoring 5 or more goals. Washington is two wins shy of franchise best 50. Only 14 losses is by far their lowest team total in franchise history. They seem unstoppable. Is this the year Washington wins their first Stanley Cup? Only two teams on my radar have a legit shot at taking out the Capitals in a 7 game series (New Jersey & Pittsburgh). Smart money rides with Washington... for now

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