Sunday, February 21, 2010

Winter Olympic Spirit?

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Has anyone been watching the Winter Olympics? Athletes from around the world have been giving it their all in Vancouver. I can't help notice one glaring omission. Patriotism. Is it just me? Has any American metioned the country he or she represents while being interviewed? How about when accepting medals on behalf of their/our nation?

Politics need not get involved. Patriotism is not politics. Being proud representing your country as one of its' greatest sporting competitors is patriotism.

One can't help but think we're witnessing too much individualism. It's fair to say I haven't watched every minute or event being held in Vanouver. From what I have seen, not a single American has even mentioned our nation. Not even in passing. Smacks of a selfish entitlement idiology. Patriotism isn't in their hearts which is quite surprising considering diverse backgrounds make up USA's Winter Olympics rosters. Has anyone made an statement "... on behalf of my teammates.." or any sort of gratitude for anything? Not even paying tribute to their coaches or trainers.

American viewers have been treated to tremendous games. Witnessing Olympic glory and a few devastating defeats. Compeition at highest attainable levels. "Earning" the opportunity of wearing your country's flag had always been a dream of most Olympians. Nearly all of prior Team USA participants have expressed this in countless interviews and public appearances. Even our President hasn't spoken in support of our greatest athletes as they represent the United States of America.

Perhaps individualism or lack of patriotic acknowledgement is the "in" thing these days. Maybe my observations above shouldn't be directed with broad key strokes. But, something is clearly been missing. An abundance of sportsmanship has shined for all to see. Patriotism remains in the dark.

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