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Fantasy Baseball 2010 Player Rankings

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Baseball 2010 is warming up. Team camps are open and players are getting ready to chase their World Series dreams. Fans have been signing up in record numbers to play fantasy baseball on various sites from online forums to in-person gatherings.

There's no better fantasy sports game than baseball. It's a true test of managers ability to keep teams going over the course of 162 games. Early or late season injuries can destroy an entire season if managers fail to plan ahead. I thoroughly enjoy fantasy baseball player debates when managers attempt explaining away why they chose a particular player to build their teams around.

Fantasy baseball comes in many forms. AL only, NL only, All Universe. Then we have to choose which style of play... head to head, rotisserie. Do you play in leagues which assign dollar values? Caps? No salary? Money leagues? Leagues for fun? Should I join an ESPN league? Baseball Manager? Plenty of games are out there. Do your homework before signing up.

I've decided to rank my top ten players by position for fantasy baseball impact. These rankings are without dollar considerations. It's strictly a list of best players offering biggest value (stat) returns by position. Obviously, rankings would change depending on league scoring types. Here we go...

1- Joe Mauer
2- Victor Martinez
3- Jorge Posada
4- Brian McCann
5- Geovany Soto
6- Russell Martin
7- Benji Molina
8- Matt Wieters (rookie, sleeper)
9- Mike Napoli
10-Ryan Doumit

There's a serious dropoff in production after the top 3. Buyer beware.

1- Albert Pujols
2- Ryan Howard
3- Mark Teixeira
4- Prince Fielder
5- Justin Morneau
6- Miguel Cabrera
7- Adrian Gonzalez
8- Kendry Morales
9- Adam Dunn
10-Derek Lee

Top 5 guaranteed to produce BIG stats.

1- Chase Utley
2- Dustin Pedroia
3- Robinson Cano
4- Ian Kinsler
5- Brian Roberts
6- Aaron Hill
7- Brandon Phillips
8- Howie Kendrick
9- Dan Uggla
10-Ben Zobrist

1- Alex Rodriguez
2- Evan Longoria
3- Pablo Sandoval
4- Ryan Zimmerman
5- Aramis Ramirez
6- Kevin Youkilis
7- Mark Reynolds
8- David Wright
9- Chone Figgins
10-Michael Young

1- Hanley Ramirez
2- Jimmy Rollins
3- Troy Tulowitzki
4- Derek Jeter
5- Jose Reyes (beware)
6- Jason Bartlett
7- Alcides Escobar
8- Yuniel Escobar
9- Stephen Drew
10-Orlando Cabrera

If you don't land a top 4 SS then go after other positions offering better production. SS isn't going to give you big stats w/o top 4. Draft according to league type. Not worth ruining an entire season by taking a chance here.

1- Ryan Braun
2- Manny Ramirez
3- Matt Holliday
4- Andre Ethier
5- Adam Lind
6- Carl Crawford
7- Grady Sizemore
8- Curtis Granderson
9- Jason Werth
10-Ichiro Suzuki

Clearly debates will rage here. OF rankings depend on the type of league you've joined. In head to head matchups, go for power. Rotisserie leagues might need speed or high batting average types if you already have enough power or RBI producers. Know your team and understand scoring rules.

1- David Ortiz
2- Hideki Matsui
3- Vlad Guerrero
4- Jason Kubel

Only four listed. Just go for the best hitter as DH slots are universal (anyone can hit here). No pure DH is worth drafting before later round in live drafts.

Starting Pitchers:
1- Tim Lincecum
2- Felix Hernandez
3- Justin Verlander
4- Zack Grienke
5- CC Sabathia
6- Roy Halladay
7- Chris Carpenter
8- Johan Santana
9- Jon Lester
10-Cliff Lee

Understand your league type and scoring when drafting starting pitchers. Some leagues place greater emphasis on certain statistics or may not include points for catagories such as shutouts, complete games, quality starts.

1- Mariano Rivera
2- Jonathan Papelbon
3- Jonathan Broxton
4- Joe Nathan
5- Francisco Rodriguez
6- Trevor Hoffman
7- Hudson Street
8- Ryan Franklin
9- David Aardsma
10-Bobby Jenks

Understand your league type and scoring when drafting closers.

Let the raging debates begin. Keep in mind these rankings, as listed, are somewhat generic. Know your leagues and pre-rank players according to maximum contribution potentials. Always use your top 5 picks for maximum statistical returns. Pujols, Howard, ARod, Hanley Ramirez, Lincecum are all great and highly sought 1st round selections. Never over bid for one particular player if it detracts from completing a balanced attack. Have I mentioned... "know your league" in preparation for draft day?

Happy drafting!

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