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World Series 2009 - "Liberty Series"

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It's World Series time! The New York Yankees are trying to win their 27th title against the reigning champion Philadelphia Phillies. World Series 2009 has been dubbed the "Liberty Series" (deriving from Philadelphia's Liberty Bell and NY's Statue of Liberty). Tomorrow, I'll break down the Series position by position. Today.. let's talk nicknames.

Nicknames of famous athletes span generations. There's an old saying in baseball. "No player is bigger than the game itself." Normally, this statement holds true. Until, we start talking nicknames. "The Babe", "Charlie Hustle", "Mr October", "Say Hey Kid", "Stan the Man", "Iron Horse" and "The Splendid Splinter" are just a few from yesteryear who's nicknames live on forever. So, why is it not many World Series nicknames stick beyond "Subway Series"? There have been many but, trying to find a list on the internet is no easy task. Will the Liberty Series stick? Unless the Phillies and Yankees play a classic series, I doubt it.

World Series play has been dubbed "The Fall Classic". Can anyone recall individual series nicknames or slogans? Here's my short list.

1919 "Black Sox Scandal" is one of the better remembered slogans given after the Chicago White Sox played to lose, or "fixed" the Series by agreeing to lose games for money.

There have been 14 "Subway Series" derived from two New York teams playing for glory. The first 13 were named after NY Yankees vs Brooklyn Dodgers or New York Giants until the New York Mets played the Yankees in 2000 (14th).

1983 was the not so flashy "I-95" (Baltimore vs Philadelphia).

1985 "I-70", "Show Me Series" between Kansas City and St. Louis.

1989 "Bay Bridge Series", "BART" featured San Francisco vs Oakland.

2001 was dubbed "November Series". This was the first World Series played in November resulting from regular season games rescheduled in the wake of 9/11/01 attacks.

2009 "Liberty Series" and "Turnpike Series" are two names being thrown around in local newspapers.

Just think of how much additional revenue could have been made by MLB affiliated licensee's. Funny how every All Star Game seems to have taken on slogans relating to hosting cities. Not so on baseball's biggest stage?

Stay tuned for my detailed New York/Philadelphia position by position 2009 World Series analysis. Buckle up! On paper, this is the greatest Series matchup in years. They represent the best from American and National Leagues.


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