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Sports Wrap - The Good, Bad and Ugly

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Baseball Playoffs. NFL action. NHL season in its' early stages. WBNA has a new Champ. Rush dumped from potential ownership of NFL Rams. College football player stabbed. It's been a busy month for sports news. Here's my take on a few events of October sports 2009.

MLB Playoffs

It's been the Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez show as the Yankees take aim at returning to the World Series. ARod had been a playoff bust throughout his career. Not anymore. He's been ripping the cover off anyting near the plate and playing great defense. Clutch hitting to boot including a Game 2 9th inning tying home run vs Angels on a windy, cold and rainy NY night. Yanks went on to win in extra frames. In today's Game 3, Jeter led off with a homer. ARod got one too giving NY a 3-0 lead (game tied at 4 as I type).

Just how good are the Philadelphia Phillies? After an up and down season filled with injuries and a terrible bullpen the Phillies are playing great ball this post-season. They won a tough opening round vs Colorado and now they're taking it to the Dodgers. I'm rooting for LA but Philly clearly has momentum up 2 games to 1. Ryan Howard is on fire with RBI's in 8 consecutive games. Phils vs Yanks would make for one great WS. Phils lineup is hot enough they can rip any pitching staff. All games could be slugfests.

NFL It's been a crazy NFL season. What has happened to the Tennessee Titans? 13-3 last year, 0-6 this year following a 59-0 school yard beating by New England. Titans struggle to score (84 points). Defense has been dismantled for an NFL worst 198 points against. They have too good of a team to be playing so poorly.

Who's the best? Could it be the Minnesota Vikings (6-0)? Denver Broncos (5-0)? New Orleans Saints (5-0)? Indy Colts (5-0)? NFL pundits and former teammates ripped Brett Favre as on over the hill idiot for attempting to play football in 2009. From Green Bay to New York to Minnesota, Favre was slammed for his last minute decision to return. Results? Outstanding. 6-0, two last minute comeback wins, 3rd rated passer in NFL (109.5), 70% completions, 12 TD's. Way to prove the naysayers wrong Brett! He's having an MVP type season thru 6 games.
New York Jets and fans were flying high with Super thoughts after Gang Green win their first three games. J-E-T-S have been grounded lately and not looking good after 3 straight defeats. Rookie QB Sanchez and first year coach Ryan were glorified when winning. How quickly things can change in a New York minute. Now, they're getting lambasted by NY drive-by media pretenders.

NFL turned political this past week once news broke of Rush Limbaugh's involvement in a bid to buy the St. Louis Rams. ESPN eventually ran a headline stating "Rush Targeted by Obama Officials". If true, it's another a far overreaching public move by the White House against another US citizen. It should come as no surprise these days when our White House targets, attacks and demeans political opponents. Many high profile figures have joined the fracas calling Limbaugh all sorts of names. Even a New York law firm with close ties to our President got involved by posting potentially libelous and false claims on Wikipedia. As a result, Rush has been dropped by the group wishing take over the Rams. NFL has also broken it's own policies of non-disclosure by allegedly leaking Limbaugh's name. It's an ugly mess made worse by hypocritical comments stretching far and wide from NFL execs to civil rights groups.


NHL has taken a backseat to MLB Playoffs and NFL news so far. I'm not sure why as the 2009-10 season is off to a flying start. NY Rangers taking aim at their 8th straight win (7-1-0). East of Manhatten are the lowly NY Islanders who have lost every game (6, 0-3-3) but managed to get 3 points in the NHL's nutty system of rewarding teams for shootout losses. Also looking for their first win of the season is Toronto (0-6-1). Pittsburgh (7-1-0) has been sensational too.


The worst news of the week comes out of UCONN. Only a few hours after the Huskies victory over Louisville 20 year old Jasper Howard of Miami, a junior and starting cornerback, was stabbed during a fight early Sunday. His death has left family members and UC campus in a state of shock.


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